Adele had 6 Grammys, I've got lesser pimples!

Remember I told you I was going to try the products from TDF? I did. My skin has tremendously improved, except for one that I keep pressing on. I know I shouldn't but it's there!! MY brain is like tuned to have my fingers pressing on Pimples I see! OMG. So naughty right?

So when I first collected my sample, I was like aiyo, how to see improvement with just 3 sachets of facial product? I decided that to give a good review I have to try the real deal. So I bought the anti-acne facial wash, and the Acne & oily solution (8). I used it for a couple of days and realized my skin started to peel really bad, like it was so dry! I used Lancome visionnaire together with this product, and I thought it would help but it didn't. I was so worried that my skin couldn't take the level of change, I went back to the pharmacist and bought their Ultra Light Hydrator and Mild astringent. I love love love their hydrator!! Super light and non-oily. Slowly and surely, it helped my skin's condition and now I am almost ALMOST pimple free, I see the light. #megusta So darn happy!! (: All in all I spent about $130 on all 4 products. Price women pay for facial products, will never make us rich. Anyway, I do recommend this product just don't be frightened like I was when I first started out, CAUSE YOUR SKIN WILL PEEL LIKE A STUPID BITCH. hehehehe. But it'll get better! So don't worry! Just remember to hydrate your skin if you're using the acne range. Toodles! That's all folks! I hope I've helped you!

Here's a link to compare my before and after image!! ((: BEFORE TDF TREATMENT

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