Advertorial: Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula

Have you ever wish you had crystal clear skin, just like celebrities or even your close friends has? I do. And no matter how hard I try, I get them all the time every month. I have tried many skin products, but they just won't go away. Like seriously, I get so upset all the time, and worried that if my skin condition is so bad, I will never want to take my wedding photograph that soon. I mean, we all want to look beautiful on our special day right? Super troubled. #wtf
So this is how I generally look like if I do not wear make-up to cover up my scars and PANDA eyes. ): #foreveralone

Really do I have to live with this skin condition for the rest of my life?! I hope not. I blame it on my hormones, I blame it on my dogs, it is so tiring to go through all the steps of facial cleansing, to toning, to moisturizing every night and still see blemishes at the end of the day! WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY BODY?! Could it be the food? Yes, maybe. I want to cry already. How to choose between food and my skin condition!? Of course I will choose ... FOOD!!
Another picture of my sideview, okay this part really isn't that bad.  Probably because I tend to sleep only on my left and this is my right side view. I'll show you my left later, saving the best for the last. 

SIGH. Just look at that moron blemish!!!!! It was fine until for out of no reason, it just popped up this evening. #ymelifelikedat

I honestly wouldn't consider my skin as severe acne, but it's like hell to me when all my friend's skin condition are like flawless. Jealous you know? Girls what. Who doesn't want awesome looking skin, and trust me if I could do without make-up I would. Lately I have been wearing make-up because, 1) to make myself look brighter at work, 2) my pimples!! You do know how warm a hospital can get if you don't get the luxury to work at the paying class section, gosh, my face has totally committed suicide. 

So there is this new product, by Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula, which helps to fight acne and control oily skin. Honestly, if there is any product that can really help my skin condition stay flawless throughout, I wouldn't mind trying. I am a super easy target for facial/beauty product saleswoman. This whole new formula, seems pretty legit as it is able to kill bacteria, which is really important for me as I allow my dogs to tug under the blanket and on my pillow with me. How can you resist a cute dog!? Secondly it is able to unclog pores and prevent blackheads and whiteheads!!!! #fortheloveofmegusta I HATE BLACKHEADS!! They are like leeches, stays in your pores, and always come back for more. Major dissed. Last but not least, it regulates sebum production!! Which means I don't have to worry of shine control after showering my patients or a gruesome tiring day at work! Seems almost too good to be true eh? 

TDF is a pioneer to AHA glycolic formulations, which helps to reduce wrinkles, signs of aging, and improve the overall look condition of the skin! So why not give it a shot at this clinically formulated product? Look at the link down below, and pamper yourself with a FREE sample!

TDF is currently giving out FREE, like FREE and I know us Singaporeans love free stuff, so it is simple, just 'like' their page on Facebook, and sign up for a Free Sample! I am going to do just that right now, and see if it does work out for my skin!! (: Oh and do recommend to your friends on facebook! 

TDF link is right here so all you have to do is click:  And I hope it will be a click away to an awesome flawless beautiful skin for you! <3 

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  1. It's a good facial product. I have used it before and it helps in my facial condition to a certain extend. :) Thanks for sharing! I have signed up for my free sample!

  2. You're welcome! I can't wait to claim my share of TDF (: I love your blog!! Definitely trying out the churros recipe after I'm done with my night shift. (: