Singapura Seafood Restaurant. Was it worth the price?

In another 4 more days, it will be my mother's birthday and my dad decided that we should try this Teochew Restaurant at Selegie Road. It's called Singapura Seafood Restaurant. It has around for quite sometime, and famous people like Anthony Bourdain and George Yeo etc. have tasted their food. The environment all in all was pretty good, very old school. Like a restaurant you would find in Malaysia, and the lady boss was extremely nice to recommend dishes and took our order. Very humble, and she spoke pretty good english. The waitresses were very attentive, a little too attentive for my comfort. They kept waiting on us to clear our plates and offered us new ones, like an eagle watching its young finish up its hunt. Gawd, it was quite disturbing. 

Crispy Fried Duck

Salted Fried Rice
FuZhou Fried Liver
Yam Paste with Pumpkin

Fuzhou Fried Liver

Cold Crab

Special Prawn Roll
Honey Pork Ribs

Okay, so above are all the pictures of the food we had. Our first dish was the cold crab, and we enjoyed the crab roe very much. Tim is a huge fan of cold crab, and he would normally get his craving satisfied at NewYork New York. But the cold crab here was a lot fresher than what you will get at NYNY, BUT! It was so expensive, we decided to only 2 crabs just to taste and see if it was like awfully good. But I think, or my entire family felt that it was just average, especially for the price you will be paying for. We didn't bother asking cause it was for my mom's birthday. But a crab for 35SGD!? and mind you, it is a SMALL Sri Lanka Crab. ): Not worth the money, at least that was what I thought. 

The 2nd dish was this Pig's Liver in Kai Lan, this one here was pretty interesting, it is an extremely simple dish, but the way they battered the liver with flour, deep fried it and turns out to be really soft and tasty was pretty damn awesome. I love the sauce that accompanied the liver. The vegetable was just boiled to crunch and didn't have much sauce except for the one that was on the liver. It was a fairly good dish, loved how they cooked the pig's liver, cause I would never cook it right. For a small portion FuZhou Fried Liver, we paid 18SGD. Y SO EXPENSIVE?! FOR SUCH A SMALL PORTION?!

Then came the duck, when I saw it from afar I knew it would good, and I was right. I loved it! I mean it's just duck, the crispy skin of it was just so yummy! I love when people say Crispy, they really mean it when you bite into it, there's actually that "Crisp"sound. This duck skin definitely had that crisp to it. Nothing too much to elaborate, but it's probably the most worthy dish we ordered. For the Crispy Duck, we paid 26SGD for a 1/2 sized duck. Pretty decent.

Special Prawn Roll is one of their specialty and I have to agree that it is their specialty. The prawns were really fleshy and juicy. The sauce that came along with it, was the same as the duck's sauce. I wish they had another type of sauce, would have been more interesting that way. Otherwise it's like you're paying just to eat their sauce? You know what I mean. And for 6 prawn rolls, it costs 16.80SGD. You have to order a minimum of 6 I believe.

Slowly came the honey Pork Ribs, honestly I do not know how they cook their dishes so fast. Like one after another the dishes were ready. So they were pretty efficient in delivering their food, gordon ramsay would have been proud of their speed. Not too sure of the taste though. The honey pork ribs were quite alright, not to my standards I would say. My mother makes better pork accompanying sauce. So I would skip this pork ribs dish if I were you, but a pity I have a family who enjoys eating pork. So for 5 pork ribs (small) we paid 16bucks. #sigh

OKAY, here comes the main, the steamed fish tail with soy bean paste with their own twist. Definitely had more than just bean paste. I loved the fish!! But not the price again!! MAN, we paid 45SGD for a fish tail. Okay, I wouldn't mind paying like 35SGD for it, but 45SGD, really seemed a little bit too much for just a fish tail, and for such a humble dish. Plus it's CHINESE food. ): Tung Lok would have offered better.

We had two vegetable dishes, the second one was this steamed white cabbage. FML. For a small portion they charged us 18SGD. Yes, maybe because they steamed the vegetables we have to pay for the gas they use. But 18SGD for that little amount of cabbage and 2-3garlics.What were we paying for?  Hmmm, not my favorite. 

In Singapore, noodles is like way more important than rice. So we had to order one noodle dish, and it was this Fuzhou Fried Noodles. Was just average tasting. I have had better, I think Master Crab at Ghim Moh was better than this. Really. Different way of cooking perhaps. BUT man, I was just crying out for my stomach. For once I did not overeat. Oh, 18SGD for this noodle anyway. 

Because my mother was still hungry, my dad ordered this salted fried rice for her. YUCK. The rice was soft, like porridge, man it was all going downhill. Okay, I am thankful I have food in front of me. But if I have to pay 15SGD for that small portion. I wouldn't. Not fantastic. It is almost like how I felt in Batam, where they just raped our wallet and gave us 10%quality food. I don't care about quantity, but if your quality is not on par, then I'm sorry, both matters now. Horrid.

They should be glad for their last dish, which was their dessert, Yam paste with Pumpkin. Worth the 20SGD we had to pay for. So good job on that, the texture was smooth, and I could see they really used a fair share of pumpkin. It really did taste really good. Loved it a lot. Probably brought my happiness up a tiny notch. 

Okay so all in all, is this place worth visiting. Maybe, but for the price I am expected to pay, maybe not.  Oh wells, it was for my mother's birthday anyway. Should have chosen a better place for her. Dang. Nonetheless, you should visit and have a say. We're all different anyway. (: 

Us at the restaurant
Finally HOME! (:
Their YuSheng Station
P.S.: Kindly forgive me if I did not arrange the pictures in order. (:

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