BLOW it. I'm turning 22.

MY 22nd Birthday is reaching soon!!! I don't exactly have any plans for my birthday, I usually don't anyway, this year my wish is to think and act like a millionaire. Very inspired by Adam Khoo's books. I will heed his advice, so after my 22nd, thou shall promise not to splurge on things I do not need. It's a deal! *fingers crossed* So even before my birthday month, I have already received presents from people I love. <3 <3 My mum got me a Chanel Sunglasses, I have been wanting a good sunglass and had my eyes initially eyed on Marc Jacobs eyewear. Cheaper what. But!! Tadaa!! I've got this Chanel eyewear for my birthday!! And it looks similar to the marc jacob's just more awesome, cause I is love Chanel! (:

Pretty right?! The eyewear of course. Love it!!

My baby boy bought me this See By Chloe Japanese magazine! Lately I have gone pretty mad over such magazines. So awesome, like you buy a magazine and get a bag too! And I get to research on awesome fashion outtakes. It has definitely inspired me to dress better! Deep down, I want to be involved with fashion, but it's damn expensive to play with fashion. Till I'm older.


Last Friday my colleagues and I decided to go drinking, and just have fun! Boonz brought us to this place called Club Luix! Don't ask me where this KTV pub is, I had no idea where it was. As I was talking to a very heart-broken friend, wasn't talking more of shouting. I was so oblivious to my surroundings and had no idea they were setting up the cake and all that. I only realized when the lady started singing"Happy Birthday", and I was like "dafuq is it someone's birthday?"Only to figure out it was for me, when I saw candles and the awfully chocolate cake on the table!? LIKE Y I SO BLIND AT NIGHT? and I still couldn't believe, it was for me. It was a really sweet surprise! (: I love my colleagues so much! 

BOONZ, CHOCK and I (: 
MY BEAUTIFUL LADIES! Who wants to be nursed by a nurse now? HEHEHE. 
Thank you all so much!! <3 
Focus on the huge TUMBLR of beer!!! I is have a beer belly now! :/ shit.
My dearest chock chock!! ((: BIG HUG!!! 

Nurses of Ward 74, beautiful heart & gorgeous faces <3 

Truly, I think I ought to thank all my colleagues for their guidance, from Sisters to Staff Nurses, to Enrolled Nurses and Doctors who willingly spared time to teach me new stuffs and guiding me to where I am now. It's only almost close to 2 years, but I really do enjoy my time spent in Ward 74. Let us all be united as a team all in all, and achieve excellence in all that we do. Nursing is so fun with colleagues like all of you, and really is to all nurses in ward 74 even though you're not featured here. But this is to all of you! (: toast to an awesome year ahead!

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