Facebook Rehab

As my Facebook friends should realize by now, I have officially deactivated my facebook. Many would ask why, let's just say I'm going through Rehab for abusing my time with Facebook, instead of maximizing the use of my pathetic 2% brain cells. I have not been in the kitchen for a very long time cooking and whipping up meals for my family, and yes I do miss cooking, but I dread washing up so bad. I find comfort in fashion and make up which is kind why my wallet no longer have extra tokens to get me a chicken to roast. Just kidding, I am just really lazy to cook. I honestly do not know how long I can last without Facebook. But Timothy (my partner) just reminded me that I've got Path! Path is pretty much like twitter, just way better. Downside of path : you can ONLY have 150 friends?! LIKE who in the world have that little connections!? #dafug(twinofdafuq).

So I am on to this new tiny project, and I have been cracking my brains, and obviously I am not that a genius after-all. Or maybe I am. HAHA. I like to think that I have the brains to make wonders and wish to have the abilities to make poverty history in a first class country. #mustbemad But yes, I am trying to keep myself occupied with more things to do that will BENEFIT me, like a language skill. I will be signing up with IKOMA language school to learn Japanese, so next time when I revisit Asian countries and if people do ask me if I am from Japan, I can sneakily say YES. #whitelieFTW Okay I probably wouldn't but it would awesome to be able to communicate in another language. Furthermore considering how much my mandarin/hokkien/malayu have improved ever since I started work, I think I should be able to take on another language. #ohyessss

Oh boy, anyway the main purpose of this blog is to be able to perform infront of my theatre of ghostly friends on my daily take with life; As a nurse, as a wannabe fashionista, food critic, movie critic, whatever critic, and just me moving on with Timothy on our new phase of life. Planning our solemnization, wedding, our new flat, the whole process of just growing up and becoming wise old adults. So I may not be on Facebook but I'll always be here to share my story of how life can be awesome only if you think it is.

Just a minute,

P.S.: I just realized if I deactivate my facebook, my friends wouldn't know of this site. SO  I just won't be on Facebook and that's just it! 

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