Hello everybody!! It has definitely been a really long time since I last posted. Anyway to sum it up, I have been working lately, got a haircut, had a birthday surprise by my lovely colleagues, won a Gold award at work, received a lovely birthday present from my mum, and still feeling constantly loved by Timothy. :D 

This is us after our hair grooming at Shunji Matsuo! (: I is love a good haircut. My hairstylist is a international director from Japan and she is AMAZING!! She's super friendly and I really like how she cares for every strand of my hair. I had my previous haircut done by Gary a director too, and it was not done up quite well, so she did a little more work for my hair and viola! (: I am really happy with my hair, loads of comments on that very day saying I look Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean!!! #vomitsrainbow FYI, I am quite a narcissist. I am sure my friends know that too. Tim always gets his haircut done up by River, I really think he's a super good worker, like I would have had my hair done by him if we can spilt him into 2. HA. He is so good I think he should be promoted to a director! 

Pat on the back Nao! (that's my hairstylist name)

We had breakfast at Wild honey! Certainly did not disappoint at all, I love what Tim ordered. It's called sweet morning! How truly sweet, in between the bread had like mango!! My favorite would always be clotted cream and the berries reduction. Makes me feel like a princess. #dafuq I think this was about 20+ ish. 
I HAD JAPANESE BREAKFAST!!! (: hahahah! whole package what. Just kidding, I just wanted to try something new. And I really love love love the rice!! Sweet tasting and the omelette balls had salmon bits in them, so I was quite pleased. Cherry tomatoes popped and squirted juice all over the table! Embarrassing much. It's a really simple breakfast, well, you can pass this cause after looking back at what I ordered, it was not worth 20+ for this. :/ oh wells!!

Okay I am going to spilt posts so I will stop here and thanks for reading!! (: I will try to make more time for blogging! (: 

If you'd like to know the contact for my hairstylist/ Tim's hairstylist just leave me a comment!! <3 Shunji Matsuo is da bomb. 

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