Tea double-U Gee

TWG; probably the best thing that has ever happened to us. Okay I might have just exaggerated a little bit too much but Tim and I have been a regular, ever since they started out at Vivo City. Did you even know they were once at Vivo CIty? Plus they had this SPA thing going on. Pretty Cool eh?

I remember on our very first visit we had macaroons and caramel tea. It almost felt like I was in France sippin' on tea and tasting the best macaroons I have ever had in Singapore. It was lovely, until they left Vivo and we thought that were gone for good. So for about 6months to a year, we were deprived of macaroon and my all time favorite caramel tea. They toyed with my heart, till ion was establish and i saw TWG located strategically in Ion. Realizing how blessed I will be for the rest of my living life till the day TWG decides to break up with me again.

Our date yesterday involved Garfield's favorite food, lasagna with bolognese and Croque Monsieur. Accompanied by a choice of 3 ice cream flavor, namely vanilla bourbon, Timeless Tea infused with hibiscus and tea, and lastly Earl Grey with chocolate.

The lasagna tasted amazing, their homemade tomato purée was so good. The texture of the purée was blended so well, you can actually feel the effort the chefs placed in to balance out the acidity and sweetness. Now, if Adora doesn't enjoy her meal, she doesn't and if I don't 90% has to be finished by Tim, or we have to switch dishes. Trust me, this was one I refuse to share as much as Tim wants another bite into my lasagna. The lasagna itself wasn't of a great portion for the price you're paying for it. But every layer had a bit of bolognese, but the portion I enjoyed best was the cheese. The amount of it was fantastic on such a average size. Mouth after mouth you just can't get enough of it. For this dish I well enjoyed it took 20SGD out of my wallet, but never was I disappointed by their food. So pat on the back! For putting so much effort into this dish many failed to achieve.

Croque Monsieur, a French sandwich with Gruyere cheese as the complete topping became a favorite of Tim when we first had it at 1 caramel. Then, we had a pretty good portion at 1 Caramel, not that we were disappointed with the size but we wished we could have more to fill our stomach. What I loved best was their salad that came along with it, the dressing was so refreshing, it may be too sour for everyone's liking but I enjoyed it very much. It would be a good choice for high-tea though. Would I recommend it? Yes but only after you try their lasagna. 

Last to the end of our meal was dessert, we decided to skip my favorite Creme brûlée and try their ice cream instead. It was a good choice, really was. When all 3 flavor was laid unto our table, we realize soon enough that we had to consume them by sequence, clearly, we had to. The earl grey with chocolate was so rich, every take was almost like having a bite into a bar of chocolate. God it was good. Vanilla bourbon was Tim's favorite and we finished it fast, really fast. But I found my favorite amongst all and it the timeless tea infused with hibiscus and tea, bit by bit we weren't willing to finish this lovely yet light tasting ice cream. Such a lucky girl I am, but wait I covered this meal, so lucky Tim. Haha. We're not bothered anyway, with who clears the bill. Are you the sort who does?

Anyway, I would definitely recommend TWG for a BFF hang out, a V-day date, or just a nice place to have dinner. Just dress smart casual, not formal and please if you're on a date, ask your male partner what he is wearing, so you don't overdress and make the both of you look silly. Cause we witnessed the most awkward couple at TWG. Trust me, they look really awkward.

P.S.: Where's your favorite hang out?

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  1. What's the price range of their macaroons? Have always wanted to dine there but was intimidated with the 'high class' surroundings. Haha.

  2. Their macaroons costs $2/each. Don't worry about feeling intimidated, and the surroundings. (: Do try their caramel flavor! Give it a go girl, don't miss out on good stuff!