Touch of Hope

Touch of Hope: Channel 5 new medical documentary on patients at KKH and how their family copes with patient's conditions. 

Everyone needs to be educated and educate one another on the basic courtesy of treating a special need/challenged child, teen, adult or even an elderly in public. Documentaries like "Touch of Hope"does not always show on television, and now that it does I do hope that people will show as much as interest in watching it on television like we do for The Noose. We need to be more aware that the simplest thing we can do to help, is to quit staring at people who require more help. Instead if need to, offer a helping hand. Because by staring it would not directly affect the person who requires special needs, but their caregiver. It is a norm for people who do not understand that by first look, you would not think or even bother that the caregiver may just be facing with depression or a great deal of stress that would lead to undesirable effects, or even affect the child or elderly that by staring you have already judged them. 

Anyone would love a normal life just like you and I, no one would want to be left behind in such a fast paced society because they are faced with many challenges. So think before you start staring at others, glance if you must, but give families like them some space in public so that they can comfortable. 
Quit Staring.

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Pictures as shown is with a lady whose wish was to visit Sentosa. With the help of a Social worker who was seeking volunteers to take her to Sentosa, Timothy and I decided to do something special for Christmas last year.
"There is nothing in this world that you cannot achieve, unless you have given up on hope." -Adora

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