Le Quiet Evening with my loved ones on my 22nd.

Happy Birthday to US! Dropped by Lynn's place to spend some time with her and also to collect my clothes from her clothing line. (: Lynn's 2 days older than me, and we've known each other since Secondary school, she's always like a little baby sister to me, so cute and always ALWAYS hyper. So her being 2 days older than me has always been special since secondary school, felt pretty awesome to have a friend that close to be only 2 days older than me. We've this huge wanna-be idea of starting up a vlog, and I think we're gonna get started some time next week if time permits! Crossing my fingers! (: cause it's always me who tends to miss out on dates. :/ sorry lynn. HA.

This forest green dress is from Lynn's Clothing line, pretty right?! OMG. I love it so much! Visit racyzealot now!

Narcissist moment. 
My lovely baby, Timothy, planned a whole surprise (tiny one) to take me to ILLIDO an italian restaurant, 
I really did not expect it initially cause I did not want him to overspend as he had already did on his beautiful curves. But he did anyway, had me all set up by blindfolding me, driving to my lovely Amy's place to get my surprise present. And followed by ILLIDO, initially he wanted to blindfold me all the way into the restaurant, thank goodness he did not. Would have been so embarrassing. :O. haha. But it worked out really well, and this is the exact type of birthday I'd like to spend for the next 60 years of my life. I'm no party girl, and I hate planning for my own birthday. Dreading to even start with my wedding. 
So here it goes with the food pictures!
Complimentary cold dish from the chef at Illido! Again, who doesn't love free stuff?! 

This was complimentary too! AND I LOVE THIS SO MUCH, He did too! so tasty my goodness, I can die now. 

Spanner Crab with Oscetra Caviar and Avocado Cream. I love this dish! I cannot express how awesome the texture and taste was to you, cause it's simply heavenly. And I have a feeling Tim and I are pretty addicted to caviar and foie gras, US EVIL PEOPLE to all you vegans out there. But it's too good. I'm really sorry, but I can be a fish/ goose in my next life to repay back. Teehee.

Lobster with Saffron. Kill me already. I LOVE SAFFRON. JUST KILL ME. I love how rich the taste is, yet the soup texture is no where near creamy. My entire dining experience was just filled with appreciation to the chef for making my night so awesome.

This is the dish I almost cried for. )': What an emotional bitch I am. Sorry for the language, but this is just way too heavenly! (Amy I have to take you there next time to try this risotto) I can only tell you how strong the flavors were, the truffle essence from the truffle itself. I'd like to suck on the truffle slices, to get the true scent of it. Cause the thickness of the truffle just made the 38bucks risotto so worthy. I am a truffle fan. I am never gonna look at risotto the same way as I did today. 

Tim ordered Prime Tenderloin with truffle sauce and goose liver. His was equally epic, just that mine was way better. He kept picking on my food! #dafuq. But the beef was cooked to perfection, we love our meat medium rare, it was so tender. So SO SO SO tender. Thank you chef for making the cow's meat so perfect. 

DESSERT TIME!!! He ordered Molten Lava Chocolate Cake with Strawberry and Balsamic. It was really chocolately!! I would have enjoyed it if I was having a craving for chocolate, but I could tell tim was very happy with his dessert. (: Dinner at Illido is never gonna stop at one. 

This is my dessert, Mulled wine pear with Sabayon Gratin. I ate that pretty flower, and it's surprisingly nice! If I was a vegan, I would eat flowers all day. Like those on my picture. HAHA (: I love the combination of the wine pear together with it's accompanying Sabayon reduction sauce. It's lovely. Oh, so lovely. Wish I knew some french or italian to throw in some praise. God it's good. 

I present to you, ILLIDO Italian dining, Lounge bar at Sentosa Golf Club. (:

My dearest dearest DEAREST Amy who baked me a cake on my birthday!!! ((: I love it sooooo much!! Especially the candles, everyone turned around and said oh there's sparkles!! (: 

I wanted a picture like the TITANIC, soooo yea. HAHA. #epicfail i know.

Oh YES. What Amy does. HAHA. Miss you lovely. <3 Horse riding soon please!

To the love of my one and only life, Thank you so much. I've always believed we were destined to be together, and I am glad we've learnt so much from one another. I know you're trying to be more interesting and fun cause I am always up and about. I see that, I love you. And I know it'll only be you i want to be with for the rest of my life. Sorry about that, I have plans for tomorrow! So thank you once again for this lovely day. You're damn bloody awesome. Can't wait to move in to our new house! 

Just a minute,