My abs are aching, my soul is tearing, I need a break.

Crystal after her grooming (:
For the past year and a half I have been training and toning up at Pacific Plaza Bikram Yoga, which basically means hot yoga where you do up to 24 poses or more in a heated room for approximately 1.5hours. But I got really lazy with Bikram and slowly stopped visiting to get trained and really didn't quite find that it was useful for me. Thankfully, Tim needed the required training to keep his BMI normal and to pass his IPPT. Perks or quirks for being in the national service line, so we decided that we should sign up together at true fitness to ensure we fit keep and stay healthy. For those who know me, I used to USED I have to emphasize, very athletic, until about 18years of age after I left Touch Rugby everything just went downhill. My weight my fitness level, god it was sad for me. But I didn't find the need to have to lose weight, cause Tim himself was ROUND. Like really round, so obviously I would naturally feel THIN when I'm with him.

So we both decided to take charge of our lives and work on our health issues. Tim's was obviously his massive BMI, not that bad but and enough for the nation's desired BMI. So he signed up for a Personal Trainer and started his training, I started slightly later cause I had to go through some procedure to change my membership. Well, I was generally very impressed with him feeling sore, and TORTURED at True Fitness. Tortured may sound too much to proclaim, but he really felt very sore. Our trainer was a very nice guy, and decide to do buddy training for us today to our very sore body from our previous training. It was pretty good, and I have to say that I officially HATE HATE doing crunches. I don't know how anyone does it like it's so easy. If you do know how, please let me know. And if you do know how to help your abs feel less sore after training, please let me know too. This pain is killing me so bad. ): 

I signed up for the Personal Training too anyway, so both of us will look good and feel good together! It's a good way to get it going as a couple, really you bond a lot and keep each other going. I feel so sorry today cause I really cannot pass the crunches part and was expected to do about 25, and tim had to keep going, so he did about 40-50. 50% more than what he was supposed to do! OMG. Can die with a fiancé like that. What are your training habits, and are you trying to keep fit like us? Let me know! (:

We caught The LORAX today!! I really loved the meaning behind this movie! Well, the moral of this movie is to remind us all not to take granted of our environment and nature. And to care for what you believe in, because if you don't who will? (: It's worth watching, for all ages! I love it.

P.S.: What would you like to see in the near future that seems almost unachievable at this point of time? 

Just a minute,


  1. this @ Vivo right? Used to nap there in the afternoon :D

  2. Yes it is! (: right outside True Fitness.