Vanity Trove

This morning I received a message from my dearest colleague who shared this website called vanity trove! (:

Well to all my American readers i'm sure you've heard or have even got your hands on this all-in-1 package goodness. I do know that Michelle Phan started this Glam bag thing last year and all you got to do is to subscribe you'll get a bag of facial product, makeup or even accessories etc. I believe. So same goes to Vanity Trove! I've just subscribed to March's trove and i can't wait to see what it'll surprise me with! I'm really excited, and I can't wait to share my reviews on it.

There are a couple of subscription package deals.
1. Yearly subscription where you pay SGD300 and they'll send you a box of goodness every month and will give you a month's free too!
2. Monthly subscription of SGD25/month. I took this deal to see what I'll get!
3. Gift package it comes in 1 month, 3 months and 6 months. So for those who have loads and loads of friends this is a pretty good deal cause you don't have to worry about what to get for your friend, just get them a box of this vanity trove and I'm pretty sure they'll find something they like in there!

Last but not least! They ship to both Singapore and Malaysia! So to all Malaysians readers!!! Here's something worth looking at!! Note that I do not get paid for 'advertising' for them, just another blogger wanting to share some wholesome goodness with you. (:

Here's the link:


  1. Thanks for sharing! I couldn't click your link, but I a subscribed! :D

  2. You're welcome! (: I'm glad you did, can't wait to receive the package!

  3. Hello dear, thanks for sharing about VanityTrove. I'm glad you're as excited about the trove as we are about sending it out. :) Do share your trove when you've received it! <3