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Tim has spent a lot of money on trying to lose weight, by signing up with True Fitness and signing up for this Zeltiq treatment. If you're not too sure about this treatment, you can YouTube Zeltiq fat freezing and it'll show you a whole list of videos! 

Basically the treatment is very straightforward, your tummy has 6 areas called the love handles that you would have if you're the size of timothy. Tim purchased a deal on deal.com.sg last month costing him aboutt $388/area and subsequently each area on the other areas will cost him the same price of $388 instead of $1500/area! GREAT DEAL RIGHT? Like I said the treatment is very straightforward, the machine sucks onto your fleshy area, with direct heat of about 42 degrees for about 5 minutes and the next 55minutes is basically freezing mode which is about -5degrees. Crazy I know right? But Tim did not feel much of pain except for the first 5 minutes when the heat was on. I was just teasing him throughout, I know right, I am a really horrible fiancé. HA. The entire treatment takes about 1 hour, so bring a book along if you must, or just play diamond dash on your iPhone. For those with Blackberry, I don't know what you can do on your phone. :/ 

This treatment allows a maximum of 3 times/area and after you're expected to have a pretty damn good body already, unless you want to maintain you should definitely seek consultation from the really friendly assistants. You're expected to see bruises or feel sore around the area, but it's not a big problem really. So don't worry! OnlyAesthetics is the only place by far that carries this Zeltiq treatment brought in from states, and it's really popular in America and has been advertised on Dr Oz. Plus it is FDA approve, so not to worry if it'll affect your health cause it won't. I'll post a video up soon! (: 

To a healthier looking body! Cheers!

Address: 25 Lorong Mambong Holland Village Singapore 277684
Tel: +65 63144434

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  1. looks painful to me from his expression >.<

  2. haha! it was quite uncomfortable for the first 5 minutes and I have to admit I was teasing him a little too much instead of helping him feel better. HA (:

  3. Any before & after picture?

  4. I will post one up soon! (: after i seek his permission! (:

  5. No, it's not painful. You will experience mild bruising, but you can do your normal activities after.

  6. Thinking of trying this myself; they recently brought it into Australia. What was the long term outcome? Did he lose CM and if so how many?

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  7. Hi there Kerry! As of now Tim has lost 5kg and is on the right track to weight loss. Well I am not too sure if it Zeltiq or all the regular gym exercise that he has been doing. He exercises at least 3 times or more a week. He does also watch what he eats, but with diet he really isn't religious about it. He lost about a pants size as of now, and has gone from Large to Medium size back again.

    I think Zeltiq helps with the speed of how all these weight has been lost, but I really cannot tell you if it's solely the work of Zeltiq or the discipline he has to make sure he gets his workout 3 times a week. It really cost quite a bit to get 6 sessions of Zeltiq, cause he spent almost SGD2k. And it really was a pinch to his pockets, Tim is now taking like supplements MaxiMuscle which seems to be putting him in better shape too. http://www.maximuscle.sg/

    So advice from me is, try about 6 -12 months of strict exercise discipline at least 3-4times /week. Take meal replacement powder to help you out with your diet control. AND yes DIET, you are what you eat, Tim put on so much of weight back because he ate what he want and did not control. So ultimately, it's all about discipline. Zeltiq to him is like a luxury to have because it is costly, and looking back if he wasn't desperate to lose weight, he wouldn't have signed up for this treatment.

    I hope I have answered your questions!


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