Fashion, yay or nay?


Who doesn't love fashion, or appreciate what clothes can do for you. I started loving fashion a tad bit more because I was strongly influenced by ChriselleLim an online blogger/vlogger/fashion stylist. My wardrobe used to only consist of only BLACK, no colors, only shades. But as I grew up and exposed myself more to the 'fashion world', I knew I had to change my wardrobe. So now, I have from colored range, hot pink to green, to yellow, blue. Any color you name it, I've got it! Try it, wear a bright color today, and black after. You'll instantly see how more attractive you are in the colored dress or top. Black brings out more sophisticated look, not that you can't look sophisticated with colors. Just saying, cause I realize a lot and I mean a lot of Singaporeans wear BLACK. I think we should fill this country up with colors!! 

Anyway I recently did a self photoshoot for RacyZealot Lookbook. Leave me comments on how I can better improve my shoots! 


 Toga maxi pants jumper, comes in Blue/Black/Empire Green. SGD 32

All items are from racyzealot; The webpage is undergoing some changes, so if you're interested in buying any of the above leave a comment down below! <3

P.S.: Anyway if you do need help with dressing up for prom or anything of sort! You can contact me at my email 

Stay Cool, Stay Chich <3

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