Food Review: Feeling Korean? Try Togi @ Chinatown

The Korean fever is really getting into the bones of the young and old. From Korean dramas to Korean pop stars and music, it really is getting into the bloods of Singaporeans, infecting everyone with the catchy music, Super HOT body of Korean Pop stars and most importantly their FLAVORFUL FOOD. YUMMY. I am not exactly a super korean fanatic fan, who cries and go all out for korean dramas or pop stars, well I was before with their super old dramas like Winter Sonata, Coffee Prince and of course Korea's super hot RAIN. Not rain rain, but Rain the singer and actor. But I have then put a pause with those dramas cause the band group these days contains of like 7-10 or more members?! And they all look the same. It's quite hard to tell the difference. Oh how I love the golden oldies music of Tom Jones, Engelbert and Earth Wind Fire. No offense to anyone, but music is a choice. I love korean Dramas, Korean Food, their culture, their snack, and their country and that's about it. 

So whenever Tim and I crave for Korean food, there are mainly 2 places we visit, one is Togi, and the other is Woorinara. Both are located at two different places in Singapore, Togi in Chinatown and Woorinara at Chun Ting Road near Beauty World. Both restaurants are set up by Korean family, which is why we only visit these two. If you have to have something that doesn't belong to the Singaporean Culture, you have to taste food made by the owner themselves. If it makes sense to you. (: 

Togi is located in one of the many alleys in Chinatown, called Mosque Street. Take the exit that says to Pagoda Street from Chinatown Mrt Station, the entire place of Chinatown is filled with Chinese culture, and has now transformed to a place where many China citizens hang around, fits the location name well. There are many Szechuan cuisine restaurants around, so if you're into the mood of spicy food with a kick, give it a shot!! Back to Togi, when you exit the station, you'll smell a type of snack us Singaporeans call "Ba-Kwa" which is like Beef Jerky, just that Ba-Kwa is way tastier and it's pork not beef. So you'll see a store that sells Ba-Kwa and when you do, follow the direction and walk straight, you'll pass another store that sells lovely smelling Ba-kwa. Just keep walking until you've reach a small road junction that leads you to an alley called the MOSQUE street!! And you're almost there!! (: Follow the alley and snap a couple of pictures of buildings you'll probably only see in Chinatown, walk about 3-5mins and you'll see Togi! 
 Tim and I love korean food because they serve an array of appetisers, I actually do prefer like Kim's Family Restaurant range of appetizers best! But every family business has their twitch to how they want to serve their food. And I always find my favorite one out of the many type of dishes, like the one below, we both agreed that the best was their fishcake, and second was their mash potato salad, what made it different from woorinara's was they added crushed peanuts to it, and that really did bring out the flavor. So for those who are allergic to peanuts do take note!!
We decided on our favorite dish from Togi, which was their Kimchi Fried Rice. THE PORTION IS MADNESS. It's good for 2 or 3 to share, like seriously. I literally had to force myself to finish that last few mouth of fried rice!! It's unbelievable how filling that Kimchi Fried rice was. Share Share Share, remember that. The boss of Togi was around that day, and he was really really hospitable. Made us feel very comfortable in their humble home. 

The flavors of korean food, are usually very rich. This Kimchi Fried Rice was just bursting with flavor, a little oily for my liking since I am trying to lose weight, but it was just too awesome to even think about my health. HA. If you are a Kimchi person, you should give this a try. Loads of kimchi flavor, mild spicy and just really tasty.

If there's one thing Tim has to order, it has to be Stir Fried Pork, well I think they lost the flavor to Woorinara's but one thing good about it is they had rice cake in it. The rice cake was soooo soft like super melt in the mouth kind of soft. The meat seasoning was above average, like I said I prefer Woorinara's, different preference perhaps. But again the portion was huge, and at this point of time I knew ordering the Spicy Silken tofu soup was going to cause me to behave like kid after meal. 

I will never ever ever be satisfied at a meal like a Korean/Japanese restaurant without a good bowl of soup. So we ordered the spicy silken tofu seafood soup, which was pretty good I felt. Like they really are very generous with their ingredients. The entire bowl was just filled with scoops of tofu, seafood. Who would not be happy if they were given more food? (: The taste of seafood in the soup was really strong, especially the taste of prawn, yummy. 

The entire meal cost us SGD46++ inclusive of Gst and Service charge, and just so you know, they do not accept card payment if your total bill is less than SGD50. So remember to bring some cash along!! I hope you love korean food or FOOD as much as I do. If you do have places you know of which have really super good korean food, affordable ones too. Do let me know!!

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  1. All the way my kind of food esp the spicy korean soup and everything else as seen here.

  2. I like how you included the road directions to the shop because it is pretty easy to get lost in the many shops at chinatown ;)