Food Review: Pho Hoa (Vietnamese food)

Every time I crave for Vietnamese food, the nearest available is Pho Hoa, located in the heart of holland village. It is sandwiched between Coffee Bean and Browhaus.

I can't say I actually make the effort with Tim to hunt for Vietnamese food, which is why we only visit pho Hoa occasionally. What I like about Vietnamese food is their strong soup base. I'm a soup person! I need to have soup for my every dinner meal, at least I try to.

So we ordered their squid salad which is an extremely simple straightforward, nothing too mind blowing or special. When you're first served, you might just wonder how am I to eat this. Cause really it's just squid and vegetables, blanched with salt to taste and that's it. But hey! There's the sauces next to it, so mix it with the sauce and you've got a little more taste to this dish. All in all, you can skip this dish. Not too worth the money spent. I think it was about SGD6.

The the other side we ordered is a must! Its lemon grass chicken 'satay' I called it satay on my own accord, do not quote me. Hahah. I like this dish again because of the accompanying sauce, and in Vietnam this lemon grass chicken dish is really popular. This dish forms a chicken paste over a lemon grass stick, and boy is it good. The flavor all in all is definitely worth a try.

The main course would be the Beef Pho Noodle, I took the bowl with all the combo. I order this all the time, next time I'm gonna try the chicken pho. Accompanying a bowl of hot tasty bowl of pho is a plate with raw bean sprouts, which I love, and a plate of raw roughly blended chili! It is amazing. I always ask for another plate of chili, and without fail asking for more water!!! If you're a chili fanatic like me you have to try it with chilli! Takes it to a whole new level. This bowl would cost about SGD16.50? I don't have the habit of taking prices down. But it's definitely worth trying!

Let me know of any weird odd cuisine you've tried in Singapore!! (: xx.

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