Indeed I have been too lazy.

After my 'glorious' birthday, it almost seemingly feel like I have been too occupied with online shopping and other girl-like stuff. I will gladly love to show my haul from forever 21! Once I get my hands on them this thursday. (: I will get a picture of a before and after treatment from Zeltiq, of course with permission from my dearest first. So hang on a second! I will have that posted up as soon as possible. 

Recently my thoughts are all about investment and setting my money into place. Not too sure about investment in bonds, and I am thinking if I should give a go in investing in Gold. Any idea on which is a more reliable and better source of investment? Life is Singapore is pretty awesome, if only the cost of living will stop rising sky-high. Being a nurse in Singapore, definitely isn't a job any normal Singaporean would aspire or seek to have. I do have doubts, and I will want to own a business in the future with my hubs. But all is too early to even know where to begin with. I will make it one day as we always say. Despite all odds, we thrive and we yearn to get to where we want to be. 

Also I have been dearly disappointed again by facial products. Remember I said I tried TDF? After the 2nd week, I had loads of breakout all over my face. I continued for another week, thinking it's normal. But after 2 more weeks of hoping I was wrong, I just couldn't take it anymore. So I went back to using clinique, and bought Clarisonic recently. Damage ): and my face condition is doing sooooo well. But! to my absolute happiness, Clarisonic has died on me just yesterday. Thank goodness there is 2 years warranty to claim, if not I really ought to pray more often for better luck. HAHA. 

Oh! Tim and I are starting to plan for our wedding in 2014! (: I hope we can fill you in more, cause we're still sorting out little bits here and there. Throw in places/wedding dress boutiques etc. Whatever you know about planning a wedding overseas/local just let me know! ((: 

Just a minute,

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