Make Up Review: Burberry & Naked Palette 2

So Lynn and I recently did an extremely FAIL make up tutorial, and trust me it's really a failed video! HAHA. These are like 70% of the make up products we used, well at least for my side. Lynn has a load of make up goodies too!

This is the very much talked about NAKED PALETTE 2!! I thought about buying since last year and only got my hands on it this year. You must be thinking, why do I even need to consider buying this awesome Naked Palette? Well, thing is, I wasn't really drawn into Make Up or beautifying myself, until I watched all the makeup tutorials on YouTube, which explains the FAILED tutorial. So I got my hand on a set of Naked Palette 2 and boy am I using it every other day when I head out!

So these are the color range from the naked palette, it comes with a lip gloss 'plumer'. The colours I love best are Verve, Half Baked, booty call, Busted, and snakebite. Not that I don't love the rest, but I haven't really brace myself to use strong colors like BLACK. I'm asian, and I don't have the features to pull that color off.

On to Mascara and Foundation, I use Burberry's Liquid Foundation and Midnight Blonde Mascara. What I like about their product is that it gives a very nice smell and really good coverage, adding on to that, it doesn't give me PIMPLES!! As for the Mascara, the texture is really wet and doesn't really much of volume, but I'm if it doesn't cause I think that's just way too much for me. Otherwise this mascara is really good as it hydrates your lashes, I would have gotten black though but the sales lady was telling blonde would give a more toned down look. Honestly after using it for this long, it doesn't make much of a diffrence to me. 

This is the second lightest or lightest tone of Burberry Liquid Foundation. IT IS SO GOOD. Singapore only introduced Burberry Beauty just last October and I was ESTATIC!! Caue I have been checking their website out watching their beatuy tutorial. And Now I CAN FINALLY OWN ONE. SPURLGE. Sure did make the sales lady a happy woman.

Now on to bronzer, because I am so fair, I find it hard at times to make bronzer look natural on my skin. But with the guidance of makeup tutorials, I am slightly more confident than usual. (: I love this product so much. Well I love all my make up products.

Last but not least. my trusty MAC blusher!!! I have been using this for like 2 years, and it's still like as good as new, well being a nurse, I don't usually wear makeup to work, so it's really underuse! BUT I LOVE THIS BLUSHER color, very light and natural.

I bought this on impulse too, CHANEL's Brushes Travel Kit. Certainly did not come cheap. But it's been with me for about 6 months now, and I'm loving it!!

Here you go!! A picture with my very loved friend, Lynn Adele Chng. (: Stay cool, stay chic xx

P.S.: If you really want to watch the super failed video here it is -
Just a minute,

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