My beautiful Cheongsam. :D

OLA everybody!! (: I have been researching for places to visit in Shanghai for food and photoshoot. Feeling a tired after working on like our short holiday! I wanna visit Paris soon, the thought of hot chocolate and macaroons are almost driving me mad. But then again, I want to be a successful business person in any possible way first before starting out. Tim tells me I should focus on my current career, #rollseyes. What if I can do more than what I am already doing or be better at what I do? Not that he stops me from being better. Ahh, so hard. 

Outfit: Dress from H&M. I have double eyelids today! HA.

On a happier note, MY CHEONGSAM IS HERE!!! Do you find it pretty?? I love love love the green, and the fitting is perfectttto. I got it from Mama & Misse Boutique at Holland Centre Shopping Mall @ Holland Village. They have really good craftsmanship, and I have sent a couple of dress for alteration including my engagement dress. All you have to do is to give them your ideas and they'll work it for you!!   

Feeling very chinese and gosh just loving the entire combination. <3 cannot wait to go on a holiday now!! Praying for good weather though, heard it rains a lot during June. ): I hope it won't!!

Just a minute,


  1. I like your cheongsam and the color too, reminds me of jade =)

  2. Thank you!!! (: That was what I thought of too, Jade. I love how pastel the color is and I'm actually thinking of using it for CNY next year!