Pitter patter Pitter patter ...

What a gloomy afternoon I woke up to. Thunders and drops of heavenly sent water, and a couple of appointments I had to see to today. Yawns. So I'm here now at only aesthetics with my dearest, and yes it is another session of fat freezing! Many asked for a before and after picture but I realize there's no before only after. So I'll show a post treatment from fat freezing from his current session! So sorry guys!

It's my last day at work and I'm on to celebrate my annual leave!!! Yes!! (: I'm so glad. I love how life is for us now, like taking steps to adulthood. Just really wish I'm more successful than the boring lifestyle I have now. Not that nursing is not interesting but I feel like I'm worth more than what I'm earning and can do. Le sigh. Oh wells!! (: live through passion and it'll get me somewhere someday.

Looking forward to our wedding photo shoot! (:


  1. This video is so funny!
    I chances upon ur blog while researching about fat freezing in Singapore.
    Did u get this done at Only Aesthetics? Has it worked?
    Congrats on ur upcoming wedding! Have fun planning for it!

    1. Tim got his done at Only Aesthetics! (: well let's just say exercising Is free and is the ultimate choice. Tim does gym too, and fat freezing may have speed up his lost of weight. But it still boils down to exercising and knowing what you eat (: cause fat freezing doesn't come cheap and Tim was desperate to lose weight. But now since we're done with the six treatments, Tim wouldn't be signing on with more cause of the cost and he thinks exercising is still the best. (:

  2. hi!! is there any difference to Tim after his 6 fat freeze treatments at OnlyAesthetics?

  3. Hello! Which machine does OnlyAesthetics use? I heard it's Coolsonix and not Zeltiq?