UPDATE: Wedding Plans

So we have been really stoked for our wedding plans, and honestly we are doing this from scratch. Just want to get all the plans out and worry later.

Our wedding shoot has been settled, and it'll be with Multifolds Photography shot by Melvin in the classic  upbeat city in Shanghai. I know right, Shanghai has never been in our list for destination photography. But we decided to give it a shot and I trust in all aspect of Melvin's skills and the scenery in Shanghai to make our wedding shot mind-blowing.

Next would be our wedding venue, we talked about Phuket, and yes it is still our main destination but we have decided to do a 'just-in-case' local venue, and have decided on One-Degree 15 Marina Club. We'll see how much each will cost us. Otherwise it'll be like the Solemnization, and our honeymoon wedding at Maldives. More importantly we want people who have brought us together and have been there for us to be present at our wedding. We don't want to have awkward moments with people we don't even meet or feel awkward around.

So this is it, the planning for our wedding, photoshoot, invitations will soon be out!! (: We are a little 'kan-chiong'but it's better than being last minute don't you think? Plus we will both be studying soon, and I am certain we won't be able to deal with the amount of stress.

Just a minute,

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