Vlog: My Daily Skincare Routine

MY First Vlog alone, without LYNN ): What a nervous wreck I was, oh wells! So I decided to do a video on my daily skincare routine considering how much of a change there is to my skin condition after a certain product was bought and used. It is my first video and I am downright nervous.

I will be starting work in 3 days!! OMG. Lynn dearest, 3rd May for our shoot!! Miss you hon!! loads of love!

Anyway here's the video link: Link to my Youtube Video on my daily skincare routine.

Products used:
Clarisonic Mia (RECOMMENDED!)
Clinique No.2 Toner
SK|| Facial Essence
Mario Bandescu Buffering Lotion (Recommended)
Lancome Visionnaire
Clinique Spot Treatment Gel (Recommended)

Do get your hands on clarisonic, it is amazingly awesome and I will never doubt the product's capabilities ever. It is super good!! Hope you had a great weekend! And clear those monday blues thoughts!! (:

Just a minute,


  1. wow.. u take care u skin with brand product..

  2. I have extremely extremely sensitive skin, I tried like loreal and normal facial wash, but it didn't control my blemishes. Got worst in fact. So I really had no choice but to splurge, but it's good to last for like 6months or longer for all of them. So it should be quite okay yes? :X

  3. I use Clinique Spot Treatment Gel too!