We're getting MARRIED!!!

we're getting married!!!!

  • wedding favors
  • wedding invitations
  • wedding venue - checked
  • wedding dress
  • groom's tux
  • chinese tea ceremony - i have nooooo clue!!?!?!
  • wedding photoshoot - checked
Tim and I have been talking and discussing a lot about our wedding in 2014, I know it may seem far to you. But we have decided to hold a overseas wedding at either Aleenta or Andara beach villa, we have sent emails already. I guess we are pretty much too excited for our wedding/honeymoon. Gosh! so excited, we have to get the invitations out by next year, which means photoshoot time! No idea how many people will attend my wedding though, since it's held at phuket, and the cost to stay in those villas are really not that cheap. BUT, BUT we have decided that if! IF no one should attend, we will still carry on the wedding at phuket with our trusty photographers, Multifolds Photography. And maybe just a few friends and family members, and maybe just maybe sponsor their stay. See how! If I strike a huge lottery, not a problem! If not, too bad. But we'll definitely have like a local gathering once we're done with the wedding at phuket, probably once we have our house ready in 2014 too! So many good things  will grant upon us! (: 

Anyway, do throw in ideas on like where to get wedding favors, make wedding invitations, and wedding dress and tux all. You know those nitty gritty stuff. Can't wait for my humble big day! I'd always believe that a wedding should consist or be witnessed by people and friends who have stand by us throughout the years of the relationship. I never liked those restaurant type of wedding, so cliche, everyone has the same old routine, same old boring food, and you have to be so courteous with the food portion served. PLUS one TABLE is SO freaking EXPENSIVE. Like why should we spend so much money?! Rather spend that money on my MTV wanna-be CRIB. viola! New generation thoughts on wedding. Plus, I'd rather hold a grand wedding when we've hit 10 years into our marriage, like re-marry or something. It'd be so awesome that way. Oh wells! We can't wait!! and I hope to have little sneak peaks once we really get things going! :D SO do throw in ideas and stuff! Thanks all!

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  1. u both friggin rocks!

  2. i'm more excited about the pre-wedding shoot than like anything else! HAHAHA. i have got so many ideas alreadyyyyyy. Tim always tries to keep me seated and glued to my chair. HAHA! oh boy!!

  3. theme is important before you plan anything. If you need a singer I'm always willing to fly back to Singapore. Going back next month for friend's wedding :D

  4. hey nath! we actuallyhave the theme laid out, but i'll keep low on that first, it'll definitely be a beach wedding at phuket, so it won't be held in singapore. (: it's really nice of you though! (: