Army Open House 2012

Just yesterday Tim brought me to the Army Open House, and it was pretty interesting. I mean, well it generally showed all the aircrafts and equipments the ministry of defence have in place for us. I am not like super patriotic citizen, but it did feel good to feel more attached to Singapore. I think many a times we take safety for granted as citizens, and we ask why our brothers and lovers have to serve the nation or go back for re-service. 2 years and compulsory, is a lot of time and opportunities for us women who are not obliged to complete the service. I think it helps build character and bond between races and religion, though we do have our differences but it certainly shows how much we are willing to work as a whole. I think that's what Singaporeans are built on, the foundation of togetherness. 

This is me and the Red Lions, known to many Singaporeans, as like the super cool sky divers during national day I managed to get a picture with them! I honor them for the time and effort and place into service. 


A beautiful scene just across the Singapore Flyer. It's gorgeous, and I can't wait to be there for Jason Mraz concert. :)

Cause with every propelled wing, lies a pilot behind the seat. 

Us catching the show under the steaming hot sun. :/

Pop of colors! ((: Marina Bay Sands in the background. (:

Singapore <3

With MR. Fuzzy Green Bear

Outfit of the day!
Maxi dress F21, Swatch watch, Longchamp bag, Chanel Eyewear. necklace from F21. 
Appreciate and embrace peace, and spread it to others. Be Kind to One Another. (:

P.S.: had a really bad day at work :( 
Just a minute,

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