Bakerzin @ Vivo City : Food Review

Vivo City is one of my favorite shopping malls in Singapore, although I was pretty upset that Page One has left Vivo City (They've got so many awesome books about fashion/architecture/cook books). It is one of the shopping mall, Tim and I feel comfortable in. You don't get the crowd, I've got all my favorite shopping stores there and FOOD.

One of our favorite hang out place for lunch/tea/dinner has got to be Bakerzin. I remembered when I was still in Secondary school I had my first Strawberry Cheesecake and Tiramisu from Bakerzin. AND THAT CERTAINLY DID LEAVE A PALATE SCAR. It was heavenly, there's nothing I love more than tiramisu and cheesecake! 

Post Gym session I wanted something filling to last me through my night shift, so I won't have to snack during the night to keep me awake #fattysin So we settled for Bakerzin again, I think they were going through some renovations with the flooring, but if you're no picky person with the atmosphere needs and just focus on the foodie part I suppose you'll still enjoy dinner just as much! Oh and they tweaked their menu, lesser variety but that makes decisions easier! 

Tim initially wanted like salad for dinner #bitchplease and I was like how about this Pulled Pork Sandwich, and he gave me that #uknowicantbutwouldloveto face. Obviously being a loving 'wife-to-be' I persuaded and kind of used a little 'oh you know it's gonna taste way better than veggies'. And so there you go, the most awesome pulled pork burger, well not that I have tasted many but we loved it. Except that we thought that if the accompanied nachos could be a little more crispy it would have been claimed #timepicmealoftheday

The portion is pretty huge for Tim's knotted stomach. So I helped him with a couple of bites and made him feel less guilty. Gosh. Well Tim loved the salsa very much and said it was very 'fresh' and tasted really good with the not so crispy nachos which he wasn't too anal about. 
For SGD16.90 This was his moment, you could see him beaming through his eyes. Poor boy, he has been watching his diet really close, and for that he was awarded a Pulled Pork Sandwich #fatboyloveshisfood. Let's just say the seasoning is almost perfect, almost because I haven't tried many. But I really did enjoy my couple of mouthful of burger bites. 

My order was Linguine Vongole, SGD12.90(if i am not wrong). I get very VERY skeptical when I order like one of my Top10 favorite dishes cause I fear they will destroy all the good tasting memories I had before. This my lovely readers who are as crazy over Linguine Vongole as I am, is probably one of my favorite and easily accessible because Bakerzin is almost everywhere and in VIVO CITY. It is how I love my Linguine to be, and it certainly was not a disappointment. #patonthebacktothechef #sprinklesomesaltovershoulders I mean, trust me my plate was just filled with clams #yes and I enjoyed every bit of slurping them pastas into my mouth. The flavor is sufficient it was not like dry or overly salty-fied. I did ask for *extra spicy though, and the level of spiciness, I was just too happy too happy, I spooned the bowl dry.

All in all you have to give it a try! Or if you're not a seafood person, they serve really good Aglio Olio too, the smell of Olive oil and mushroom slices. So good. 

So to peak my stomach, I ordered this so so so so lovely Bailey's Coffee Cream Souffle. #yes. The thing I love about Bakerzin is they are so good with their mains, salads, soup, and dessert. They never disappoint. One of my other favorite is their Creme Brûlée too, and boy if you haven't tried theirs, you, you just have to! Believe me. So this soufflé my dear, is the puffiest soufflé I have ever seen. As of now. You have to understand my contentment with their artistic approach to make it puff as high as it is. Cause trust me making soufflé really is very difficult. #failedattempt 

For SGD11.90, it is totally worth the price to feel like a princess while eating the soufflé is probably the best moments money can buy you. I have the wildest of imagination ever when I get such a euphoric moments with desserts and food. #judgeme. HAHA. 

I will definitely have desserts for dinner in the future with bakerzin. JUST DESSERTS. (: 

So this is it, Bakerzin @ Vivo City 
1 Harbourfront Walk #01-207 VivoCity. 

Wallet Damage level : $$

Don't miss out on the good stuff! (:

Just a minute,

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