Do you have a best friend? I do.

My best friend is CHOCOLATE! (: her name literally is chocolate. We got her from my cousin Belinda when we first moved in to our pigeon home, and she was such a sweetheart. Not really, cause she was all afraid and uncomfortable around us. But time past by and she is now the 'head' of the house, she gets really pampered by my dad and mum a lot. Let me just say she needs to be carried to the loo when my mum is around, so she won't get her paws dirty. She will literally look for my mum and stay around which she normally doesn't and ask to be carried. How cute? (: I love my baby girl so much, choco is like 10 years of human age, and 70years of doggie age!! HAHA old granny. 

But this old granny is really smart, she has always been there for me at home when I am down. And she knows when I'm upset, cause she'll climb up next to me and curl into a ball. And at times lick my eyes when there's tears. T_T Oh how I owe her so much as a friend. ): My family gives our dogs the best as we can and teach them to be as nice as they ever be, so that when they do pass on they'll be in heaven and never reincarnate. Such a sweetheart, it's almost impossible not to love her this much and more. 
Do you have a best friend? 

Just a minute,

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