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Hello readers!! (: 

I think I ought to share with you this really amazing optical shop in Orchard Plaza!! It's a new store called Orchard Optics. You know how expensive making spectacles can be in Singapore right? Like depending on your degree and all that, it can go up to like 500SGD? Usually that would be the offered price for my specs with a pretty good frame. Which really sucks. Cause I never felt spectacles should be splurge above 400bucks. Well, at least that's what I feel. So I was introduced to this sore called Orchard Optics by my colleague and boy am I one happy KID now. 

The boss of Orchard optics, Andrew, is a super courteous down to earth and friendly man. Like really, I felt like he was very sincere with his products and all that. Unlike super known optical shop all they want is for you to buy that specs pay them and leave. But Andrew builds friendship with his clients and I guess that's the best part right? Feeling comfortable with your seller. Initially I went with my other colleague Jee to make her spectacles cause I mean how can you resist to such deals when your colleague tells you about it. I had ZERO intention to make new ones, but! BUT! when I went over, and saw the dashboard of spectacles laid under my eyes. GoSH how to resist?! Have to try what! So I tried one, and another, and another. And tadaa!! I got glued to this Pescara Tortoise colored spectacles, I have always been a fan of such tortoise colors, so to be able to find one that fits my face so well. What do all girls do? They ponder and erase all other needs. And viola! You've got a specs. 

Let me just give you a rough quotation I usually get for my spectacles at like other optical shops, I normally would get a quote of 480SGD with a normal unknown brand spectacles. If I want to get branded glasses it will cost like 600 and above. No doubt. My degree before is about 500, now after getting it checked it is like 550. Boy my vision is clear for once!! I always had to squint and have a closer look. So I am just glad I don't have to look silly anymore. (: I will never consider lasiks, cause I am determined to do my PhD. And no profs are like without spectacles. HAHA. kidding. So back to Orchard Optics, Andrew quote me like 290SGD for this amazing super duper duper lightweight Pescara Spectacles, Pescara is a Korean brand spectacles. Can I just say I am very impressed with how thin the lens are? Like really, it's Crizal lens, super thin and good! I love it sooooo much!! Oh and Andrew comes from a family of optometrists! They've like 30 over optical shops in Singapore, so you can trust his skills. (: NO worries about that. 

On the day of collection for my Specs, I wanted to have a look at some Rayban Sunglasses, and dang!! I look pretty cool in Rayban, and got myself one! (: Max happy. I love Rayban. <3 

Orchard Optics carries brand from Evisu, Agnes b, Pescara, Rayban and more!! Loads for you to choose, and at a really good price!! (:

If you decide to visit Orchard Optics to make some awesome spectacles, just quote my name Adora and say you're recommended by me. (: That easy! (: and maybe just maybe you might just get a good price! Just to let you know, Andrew is on a holiday now. I'll check when he'll be back and let you know! 

P.S.: He'll be back for business on the 10th of may! 
Facebook page : ORCHARD OPTICS  Give it a like for updates!!

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  1. Wow thanks so much for this amazing recommendation! I haven't been down to the store but also saw the tortoise shell eyewear and fell in love with it! Normal optical stores like Paris Miki sells it for 200 SGD without the lens! Definitely heading down to Orchard optics soon! :)

    1. Oh and do quote my name! (: might just get yourself some discount (:

  2. Hey! ((; I'm glad you passed by my blog and found yourself this deal! (: do hope you get to own this pescara specs which is so awesome! (:

  3. Hi Adora,

    I was googling for the brand, Pescara and stumbled into your blog post.

    Referring to your photo,
    What is the name of the frame that you are wearing?

    - Christopher