Food Review: Lor Mee

Want a bowl of yummy Lor Mee? 

Address: 109 Bukit Purmei #01-157
Opening Hours: 7am - 3.30pm

Here's one place you can try! This bowl of delicious Lor Mee comes at a price from $3 and above, and I have to say it is really worth the money! I visited this stall on a weekday early morning as I heard the ravings that the queue can get really crazy at times, especially during the weekends. 

This bowl of Lor Mee is filled with loads of ingredients, from crispy fried flour (which I love), pork, GARLIC (((:, fishcake, ngoh hiang and a couple more which I can't really remember. I love how savory this Lor Mee taste unlike those you get from normal Kopitiam. It really has their unique type of flavor, and even Tim who doesn't quite like Lor Mee, found this really good. I ordered Lor Mee Bee Hoon, and he ordered kway Teow. I have always loved my Lor Mee with Bee Hoon and loads of chili and vinegar. Yums. You ought to try it on your own, if you want a good bowl of Lor Mee or you already are a Lor Mee fan. (: 

P.S.: Be really early during the weekends to avoid queue! (:

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