Hair Care (Vanity Trove) : VLOG

Personally I feel looking after one's hair is as important as caring for your skin. I understand how much we all love to have beautifuk gorgeous hair, but would give a million of excuses to not give proper care to our hair. I have to admit I once thought of it and realized how awfully wrong I was as I grow older and was more observant to little details. Yes you can definitely get your hair dyed and stuff but if you don't treat it with the required treatment it will only get worst.

My nightmare will be coming soon cause of all the hair products and chemicals that will be attacking my hair. :/ not a good thing at all. So what I do now is to apply hair cream daily especially during the day, cause of the direct sunlight and heat to your hair, it just soaks up and damage the ends. So I did a video on how I would normally do my haircare, and thanks to Vanity Trove for last month's issue, I have been using the product everyday! (: Love it, although I still miss using the grape seed oil from Body Shop. But this works just fine!

image of a damaged hair :/

Don't wake up to a day like this! Care for you hair (:

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