Haircut @ Shunji Matsuo Holland Village

Address: 245A Holland Avenue  S278978
Opening Hours: Daily, 10am - 8pm
Tel: 67626088
I have raved about how awesome Shunji Matsuo is, and how glued I am to my stylist and Tim's stylist. The only thing is I am more than just upset that my stylist has left for wisma atria's Shunji Matsuo branch, and it's hard for us to leave our comfort zone at Holland Village and try to fit in to the atmosphere at Wisma Atria. So I have decided that I will only go back to Nao when I want a drastic change to my hairstyle, and share stylist with Tim. His stylist name River is super awesome, yes he is Taiwanese, and who doesn't love Taiwanese? They're almost as friendly as Japanese are. Just that there's no language barrier. Love it.

So I had my hair prep up for my pre-wedding shoot in 2weeks to come and I am so cite!! I love my new hair color, did not do much to my hair except to thin it cause it's a forest-y business up there. Too much hair. :/ River had to use like 2 bowls of dye. Not like it differs from anyone who dyes my hair. I'm loving how 'light'-headed I'm feeling now. Awesome max.

Oh and Shunji Matsuo is having GSS deal now! 15% off chemical treatment!!!! SAVE MONEY AND GET AN AWESOME CUT & DYE TREATMENT BY SHUNJI MATSUO!! 

Outfit of Tim's: Shirt (Dubai's random stall); Pants (Massimo Dutti); Shoes (Sperry, really comfortable); and his trusty iPad.

Loving my new hair. (:

Anyway Japanese class was quite the headache. Gosh it is quite hard to grasp a new language, but no I'm not going to give up. Or at least that's what I think. And I will be able to converse in Japanese soon, I hope. Wish me luck! :/

Just a minute,

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  1. Adora, River has left Shunji Matsuo, any idea which salon he went to??