Infectious Slumber Party, literally.

Yesterday I spent the night over at Lynn's cause we planned on a photoshoot at Singapore Botanic Garden! You know those friendship photoshoot, oh so shy. HAHA. Not. It was so much of fun, went over after gym and it was my post-night shift. I almost died during gym. My body is aching like a G6. #ohstopityou but dang it hurts so bad. I am thinking of doing a post on my gym routines and diet stuff. Not like I am very religious, but I guess I would do just that to motivate myself.

Anyway, Slumber Parties are the best to have (: So, we had our fair share of fun and if you have not seen, it's already on youtube which I will leave the link down below. We haven't done a proper video just yet, just loads of silly billy videos. Which we apparently LOVE so much, just like how people love stress balls. Dancing is our stress reliever! Toast to dancing!

I'd really want to thank Lynn, for giving me proper suggestions on how and what I should do for my wedding and like helping out on the bits and pieces. We had too much of fun today, and I'll let the pictures show you how much fun we had. How would you spend a slumber night at a friend's?

I'm looking forward to a couple of my friends return from overseas, and when they're back I'll give a proper introduction. Neeways I am starting my Japanese Class soon, wish me luck! Oh and I also realize my coordination is atrocious, thanks to gym and my awesome Trainer. Gosh he really got my foot tangled up. :/

I can't wait to share with you guys pictures and videos on my trip to Shanghai! (:

Just a minute,

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