My log to lose weight and build muscles: Day 1 *Updated!

I have started my gym some time ago, but figured this is a good time I post a post like this, cause I am slacking quite a bit on gym. So this is Day 1 of my gym log to better health! 

Normally after Gym, we would visit Soup Spoon to satisfy our hunger pangs. So instead of ordering my favorite Simon Garfunkel, I took a change and had Tokyo Chicken Stew! I love chicken stews! (: Look at that slice of bamboo shoot! Delish I say. This is the thing about my gym routine, I am not out to build bulks of muscles, just want to look good and healthy. Same for Tim, just that he is usually on a stricter diet, with muscle building pills. I can't say no, if he wants to have Channing Tatum body right? (: 

Never ever go on like a diet, like how any souls would. *raises hand. I tried, and I failed terribly, only made me feast more when given the chance to. Just go slow, eat normally and work out! (: Avoid oily and fried stuff. I don't know about you, but I have not touched macdees for like 6months now. So whenever I take something fried or oily, I always have that nauseated feeling. Ughs. 
Tokyo Chicken Stew 169calories. Count your calories. Take brown rice instead of white. Cut down on sodium and drink loads of water!
MY GYM BUDDY!! <3 Having a gym buddy really helps in discipline, motivation to push you through tough gym trainings. Especially when your trainer doesn't give 2 cents about your gender, yes gender equality. Sucks. But I'm loving it. If you need a trainer from True Fitness I can recommend you ours. 

My mini mouse.

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