The sun is ...

Totally doing it. OMG.

The weather in Singapore is driving me nuts, and driving my skin nuts. Especially when I stay over at Tim's place, gosh the walk from his place the the train is good enough to have me dripping' with perspiration. Not loving the weather here in Singapore.

I am really looking forward to my dress fitting on the 19th of May!! Just so you know, I do not have the intention to have a super BOOMZ wedding dress. Mainly because I don't think it's worth the money spent, practical versus realistic needs. But I made to measure this red dress, and when it's out I'll blog about it. I am not a person who likes an elaborate and super crowded wedding. Just a small crowd with company would do the job. Makes me happier that way. (:

But seriously the weather in Singapore is really mad. Vlogged today! (: Hate-hate relationship with the sun. UGHS.

Happy Anniversary (Month) BB!! Loving you always.  <3

Just a minute,

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