Sunday morning <3

Outfit of the day: Minnie Mouse Fringe Top (Kay Kay blogshop); Belt(F21); Floral Jeans(F21); Coach Messenger Bag; Vans Cherry Sneaks; Chanel Eyewear

Took the train from sengkang all the way to holland village, and #yes the train did not breakdown. Ha.

We had breakfast at Hatched. What can I say, they season their meat really well. Update soon on breakfast at Hatched.

So as I type I'm getting my hair done at Shunji Matsuo by Tim's trusty hairstylist River. My stylist has left to wisma's outlet which is quite a trouble for the both of us. But River is really good, so I am more than happy and at ease to have my hair styled by him. Ha, I always feel sorry for the stylist who has to due my hair cause I have really thick hair, and they always have to use 2 bowls of hair dye for my rainforest hair. Hahaha.

Neeway, I'm pretty cite for my Japanese class later. Tim isn't though. He dreads learning a new language, I think once I've sort of mastered Japanese I'll learn French! (: je'taime my readers! (: #fail.

I hope all of you have a good Sunday!! Ciao! Left a picture of my outfit for today! (:

Just a minute,

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