Taipei Taiwan Part 2

Rise and Shine! We woke up pretty early about 8am I remember, cause there's so much to explore in Taipei itself. So off we go onto Day 2 of our mission!!

Picture First! <3

We visited Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, well, if you're into history and all, you should visit this area.

So this is how it looks like, loads of teens seen practicing dance movements and getting into the groove. Keeps the spirit hyped! (: And as you can see on the background lies the very popular and my favorite shopping haven in Taipei.


I love how Taipei 101 is shaped like the Pagoda, very 'fang-shui-ish'

This is us crossing the road diagonally, they've to specific time for the roads to be used diagonally. Look at my cute minnie mouse plushie! It's actually a bag though. Tim's sister bought it from Japan! (: 

This is probably and yet again the coolest transport in Taipei! Pay and rent the bicycle with the yoyo train card and you get to ride it for as long as you wish!
So we walked from Sun Yat-Sen to Taipei 101, figured we needed some exercise and had our brunch at Taipei 101 food court, since all were closed at that hour. We all had similar food, and it was a huge mistake to order a portion each, why? Because the portion is almost impossible to finish!! Would you just have a look at the size of the squid!? Gosh I feel full even just looking at it. Anyhoo, it was not too bad, not fantastic, just okay. 

To be fed to giants, not humans.

I LOVE TAIPEI'S HANG TEN! Why?! Because their designers there, are really damn good. Unlike Singapore's, it can never be compared. Cheap and stylish clothes!WHY NOT?! My family bought like a whole stack of clothes from Hang Ten. Cheapos. HAHAHA. But seriously, really cheap.

Bought this Sesame Street kids wear!! (: SO CUTE RIGHT!? 

After resting and walking even further to another mall, we finally found Dazzling Cafe. Extremely popular for their truffle fries, coffee, and toast! We found space amongst our heavy brunch to squeeze in some yummy food! We had to wait for about 30mins for our turn, and it was so worth the wait.

My parents being romantic as always. #mydadhasnicemoobs

We ordered their banana crepe, and it was fantastic! I love their caramelized banana and the taste of their vanilla ice cream!! SUPER AWESOME I TELL YOU! like really. (: Damn best! The crepe with a thin layer of chocolate and banana, together with some vanilla ice cream is the best combination ever. #foodgasm

Mentaiko Pasta! This is the best, up to date I haven't tried any as awesome Mentaiko Pasta in Singapore as I did in Taipei! Many would just order toast and coffee, but I strongly suggest you give this baby a shot! IT WILL NEVER EVER EVER DISAPPOINT YOU. I PROMISE. SO GOOD.

We tried their very popular recommended Truffle Fries!! And it was as equally good, I am happy to say Tanjong Beach Club offers the exact and almost similar type of truffle fries as Dazzling Cafe's. Very Blessed. I like when they mean Truffle Fries, that I actually get to see the truffle. I know most cafes jus purely fries their fries in truffle oil without the truffle, which is quite disappointing really. So it really did make me really happy to savor every bit of those tasty fries!

Coffee for everyone! Believe this was caramel Macchiato.

Couldn't remember my dad's drink, but it gave him #coffeegasm

THE VERY MUCH RAVED TOAST!! IT WAS LOVELY! AND HUGE!!! The height was the size of my iPhone and gosh it was amazingly HUMONGOUS. Well a toast is a toast, but what you 'accessorize' with it makes a whole load difference. 

This my friend. IS DABOMB.

I would love to see Dazzling cafe is Singapore one day! Really fantastic if I can have my Mentaiko Pasta! YUMMY.

I look retarded here, but that's not the point. This actor, or whatever his job is. Really loves his job very much His movements were very 'cat-like'. Very amazed. And he asked me to get a picture with him, so happy, and shy. Look at all the cameras going on behind. SO SHY. HAHAHAH.
Another group of students performing those huge YOYO things. Effort +++. Changed out of my lacey top, cause it was getting itchy. :/ Can I migrate to Taipei already? 

Ximending @ Night!

I love the crowd in Ximending! ((: Different from the crowd in Singapore, because everyone is smiling!!! That's the difference baby!! I hope one day to see Singaporeans as happy as Taiwanese are. 

#Dafug cat vs. dog

SPOTTED! Enjoying cool air right outside the mall! 

at A11, Xinyi Mitsukoshi, 2FL
(02) 2723-0767

MRT: Taipei City Hall

hours: 11AM- 11PM (last order 10PM); Fri/Sat 11AM-12AM (last order 11PM) 


Just a minute,

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