Taipei Taiwan Part 1

Hi guys! This is a new segment I would love to add in to my blog. Travel! I love traveling, who doesn't? So here's a part of me sharing my traveling experiences to various countries. Haven't been to many but there's a few I'd like to share!

First up: Taipei/Taiwan.

Leaving on a 'jet'plane. #ifyouknowwhatimean

Taipei's travel system is really convenient and affordable, when we arrived to Taipei/Taoyuan Airport, we arranged for a transport to take us to our hotel Kingshi Hotel at Ximending. The transport we took was by Feigou (FlyingDog) #literaltranslation. Reaching to Taipei, the weather greeted us with sun-smacking smiles. Boy were we glad cause we read reviews saying it'll be rainy and all. But I am glad so glad or 8days trip was a peaceful treaty with the weather gods. 

This is me, your loyal blogger. (: 

We stayed at this hotel called King Shi, and boy was is so super convenient, like right smack in the heart of Ximending. It's cheap and fair enough hotel. Very basic hotel though, just what you need for a full-pledged holiday needs. No gym though, not the type who will work out on a holiday. Are you?

Right across our hotel is Taipei's 7-Eleven! And i have to state Taipei, cause their 7-eleven is major awesome! These onigiri were really super duper cheap! I think it cost only 1SGD. And it's really yummy. My brother had this almost everyday throughout this trip. And there is my favorite drink! Calpis!! ((: 

Would you take a look at Taipei's Bakery!? OMG. Look at the soya chicken drumstick. SO FAT AND JUICY!!! And they've got Dim-Sum to go! Trust me, it's cheap. Everything is! I went mad. I love and miss the taste of their Soya Chicken. 

Ximending's road; I love how we can cross diagonally! How convenient. (: And Taiwanese are probably the most awesome people on earth, so friendly and smiley. <3 

The busy human traffic @Ximending. Shopping haven. (: 

Just outside the Red Museum @Ximending there was a flea going on, stalls after stalls were selling pretty cool stuff, and I got my baby girls some accessories! Oh Taiwanese love their dogs a lot! Pretty much like how Japanese does too, they bring their dog around to wherever they go! And surprisingly their dogs are very discipline! How adorable. (:

Chanced upon a group of teens and a boy his mom wishing for good health, luck and studies. So of course I have to get my hands on this too! I had a 'shang shang qian' which means, a really good 'charm' sort of, loved the fun of it. So this is me with the cartoon 'god'

This is us! The smurf Family + 1 giant. #ifyouknowwhatimean

Towards evening, we visited Taipei's much raved Shilin Night Market. I love a few stalls from here, otherwise there really isn't much I enjoyed from this night market. I am sure there are better like Raohe Night market which we didn't visit. #yyounovisit

This is my favorite! Look 10TWD for 1 Shui Jian Bao (Fried Meat/Cabbage Bun) SO CHEAP! And it's really tasty!!! Cannot get enough of it. I prefer the Cabbage Bun also known as (Gao Li Cai Bao) , YUMS, have it with their chill sauce and BOOMS you've got #foodgasm feeling. 

Thank me for this. This is one stall you cannot miss! MY FAVORITE favorite stall in Shilin Night Market. 

Known as (Da Chang Bao Xiao Chang), they wrapped this sausage with glutinous rice shaped like a sausage and have like other ingredients added to it! IT IS HEAVENLY! Taiwanese are just so good with flavor! And if you're afraid you'll miss this, I'm pretty sure you won't cause there'll be a long enough queue for you to identify this stall. 

Have I tempted you enough to visit Taipei? The city filled with awesome food and AMAZINGLY FRIENDLY PEOPLE. 

Another favorite, is this HOT-STAR chicken fillet! Apparently we have it here in Singapore, but I feel like it wouldn't be as awesome if you have something special that belongs to a foreign country in your own. Let me just say when Taiwanese mean LARGE portion, they will give you LARGE. (: So yums. We totally weren't able to finish this. 

If you're a Singaporean and you've tried Singapore's Oyster Omelette, I can assure you, that you wouldn't like Taiwan's kind of Oyster Omelette. It has just too much of starch and the sauce is very gooey. Advise is you don't try it and savor other cuisines instead. 

Drink Up as many cups of Fruit Juice as you can!! Super cheap and unlike Singapore, they don't add sugar to their fruit juice! PURE SWEETNESS FROM THE WATERMELON. OMG. ((((: YES it is still cheap. Cheaper than Singapore. I LOVE TAIPEI.

Mango Milk Ice Shavings! HOW CAN YOU NOT TRY THIS WHEN IN TAIPEI?! F* awesome. The mango CHUNKS, not slices, but CHUNKS were so sweet! I wish I had written down the price for it, but just note that food in Taipei is god-like cheap. SO don't worry about money, just EAT!

One thing I love about them stall owners, is they HELP one another, THE LOVE OF GOD, why you don't make Singaporeans as beautiful as them Taiwanese? So we were like talking and looking around for this savory dish, and the ice shaving owner came up and ask if we would like one too. He then offered to get us this yummy seafood thing, and asked me to sit and enjoy the shavings first. So he went and buy it for us, served us and made our night! WHY SO KIND?! )':

So in return, we decided to order another shaving from him, DABOMB. We exploded after this, gosh we can really eat. We didn't finish the milk shavings though. Just the fruits and probably half of the shavings. I love it. 


Poorly Taken picture of a Temple near our hotel, Taipei's population are mainly buddhist and taoist. So expect loads of temples around! ((: Blessing for us, we just kept praying 8 days straight throughout our visit, I love the architecture of temples, the details of the dragons and gods. Fantastic. 

- Stay Tuned for Part 2 of 8 -

MORE Post on Taipei coming right up!! Check out my recent posts!! :D
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