Wedding Prep: Shanghai Shoot is nearing.

MULTIFOLDS PHOTOGRAPHY! We'll be embarking on our wedding shoot journey on the 1st of June and hope to keep you my readers updated on my wedding shoot! Follow me on instagram @adoraygp for the pretty soon updates!!

I have engaged Oscar Fu who will be providing me hair and makeup services for a total on 12hours. For my prewedding shoot. And these are some inspired hair and make up looks I gathered for 3 of my main dresses! 

1) Inspired Red Dress worn by Blake Lively
I got Mama Mise from Holland Village entree where I got my emerald cheongsam to do up my red dress for me, till date as I update I have yet seen the dress will be going for my fitting this Tuesday. Really excited. So for this look I decided to go for a pull back textured look, with minimal jewelry except my Chanel earrings, and my studio black heels with blings. Won't give you the entire look here, so you should return to have a look on my wedding shoot outtakes. (:

The Pulled back hairstyle for that head turner dress (:

Adapted from :Snobka

In order to allow my red dress to shine, a toned down make up is what I chose for myself. Alternatively I would and may try a bold red against red lip and dress make up like the one shown below. What's your take?

2)Emerald Green Cheongsum
Of course I ought to own a Cheongsam since I am in the city filled with cheongsam and chinese traditions. This here isn't the typical long type of dress, as I am pretty short. It is quite hard to pull off that look. But I am loving the laces here and I bought this from Mama Misse from Holland Village Centre.

For the Cheongsam I decided to go with a softer make up look with less red hot chill pepper kind of lipstick. 
As for my hair, I'm sticking to the good ol' traditional yet modern hairstyle like the one above. Lovely yes? To top the look, I will accessorize it with just a simple green earring and a lovely pair of heels from jwest. 

 3) Daniel Yam #tweaked Dress.
I bought this dress for 138SGD, and I know you must be thinking I must be crazy to not splurge on a spec awesome Vera Wang's wedding gown, trust me I have searched for one, but it comes with a pretty hefty price tag too. So I figured, I will get a dress like Daniel Yam's and make it my statement dress. Sort of. So I bought this dress, and what I did was to simply have the flowly piece of chiffon stretched all the way to the ground. (: Gives it a whole different dimension and feeling. Love it. So for this dress I have decided I will do 2 types of hairstyles, one is a all down and the other a braided.

Makeup would be as peachy and as pretty like hillary's make up as above, to give that entire 'angelic' feeling. This is the desired make up.

For the hair down style, I have decided on some curls to boom up the volume and I have a 'surprise' sweet surprise for this look. So stay tuned. I bought accessories from Bransfever, love Brandsfever cause things are like 50% off, and the packaging is amazing. Have a lovely set of jewelry for this look that you won't get to see now, but you will sooner or later. (:

Tim's suggested look for the pin up, and I thought it wasn't too bad. (: 

BUT I still prefer the braided look, and if my hair allows to I will take this look. Love her makeup too. (:



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