Before you tie THAT knot; Tips from the bride-to-be.

Have you ever wondered about whether you really know how your partner is like when he/she is not around you? Do you really know his deep and darkest secretive habits? Most importantly, do you want to know?


When Tim and I were in our second year of relationship, we decided to stay together at each other's place. Reason being I think we sort of knew we wanted this relationship to be a lasting one, and we were pretty sure we wanted to try and see how it work out for us if we actually tried staying together. Well let's just say, you see and find out a lot about a person when you actually stay together with them. 

One thing I realize about Tim is he really LOVES digging his nose and farting at random situations. Like dafuq is wrong with his intestines and nose?! Gosh. The initial stage you could really tell he was really shy when he dug his nose in front  of me, like he would go to the toilet, wash his hands. Ha, soon enough I woke up to Tim glorifying how HUGE his nose shit or "PI SAI" we call it and he'll flick it off the bed. Same goes for me, I was so shy like really damn shy about digging my nose when we first stayed together, I mean it's so unglam! But then as we cared less about how we thought about such stuff, things just got out of control. We smeared PI SAI onto each other on certain occasions when our brains are just abnormally insane, SNEEZE INTO EACH OTHER'S FACE (that's ME). So if you haven't seen that side of your partner, gladly embrace it and throw in some fun to the awfully gross habits of your's.

FART. Let's just say this is by far the most annoying habit of Tim's. WHY?! Because his farts are the silent killers. Oh wait, he has 2 modes, THE SILENT KILLER AND THE ATOMIC BOMB. Both are equally lethal. You know how at times you wonder why there's like a foul smell out of the blue, and you look around and there's only your partner around. Top of that, he looks so normal and pretends nothing is wrong. GOSH. That's Tim. When it first happen, I was like "awww, you poor thing, are you having a tummy ache?"And he would give THAT face and say "yes, feel like shitting but can't"But gone were the days of good sweet 16 love, now the tables have turn. Whenever he gives like a silent fart, I'll take him on, and give him a really uncertain whether if the fart is smelly or not, fart in the face or as close to the face. DAMNNNN. I am one sick child in the head. But please, you don't understand the pain my senses goes through when Tim gives me the THE ATOMIC BOMB. GOSH. *vomits*

Tim also did realize when he came over to my place, that I am probably the MESSIEST girl in the world. LIKE I HAVE THE CAPABILITIES OF HAVING A GUY'S ROOM KIND OF MESSY? My clothes would be almost every where, mostly on my bed, I sleep with them. My dog sleeps on them. Yes, that kind of messy. My books, no my books are probably the neatest. But my NOTES. HA. Up to date, I still can't bear to part with my notes. Not that I would remember what I've written on them. But whatever. Yes, that was his nightmare, like he had to help me pack my room. Well I have to credit Tim for being the most tidiest man on earth! This bugger seriously has some OCD issue, kidding, he doesn't have OCD. Just awfully neat. :/ 

Games & Studies. When Tim and I were dating we were still in Polytechnic. I had this huge ass issue with him playing games when I am around, and initially like most guys he dissed me off and say. "Then what do you want me to do"And I being the nerd "STUDY? or just accompany me for a walk or something."OF COURSE HE WAS NOT COMPLIANT. And I was not glad that he did not think it was right of him to spend more time with me instead of playing with his games. So to get back, I did my things when he has nothing to play. And made him feel how I felt. It's a tricky game if you don't play it correctly, but soon enough he realized that yes he should be studying with me instead of playing his games and be so grossly engrossed in it he would not give two cents about my existence. So he respected my decisions and have since quit that habit and plays games like diablo 3 only when i am not around or when I am blogging or surfing the net. He would also let me know that he's onto playing the game, so that I will not take it that he doesn't bother about my existence. I think for that he deserves a huge applause!!

So it's been about 3 years now, and we have been staying together for a really long time. Bought a queen size bed cause I cannot stand squeezing next to my fat boy. Trust me, the first year of cuddling is awesome. But then it gets freaking annoying when it comes to dividing space. (guilty as charged) So now we love staying at my place, cause we don't have to squeeze, and be awfully comfortable. Living with your partner also allows you to really understand his/her family better. And you have to learn how to eventually love them as your own someday, and why not start early. Yes it may be difficult initially, but what to do, suck thumb lor. You'll love and appreciate where you originally come from, really. I feel blessed being in my family and having supportive uncles, aunt and loving cousins. (: That is one thing I felt I should never take advantage of. And I truly appreciate how awesome my 'madly' cool parents are, you'll know how I feel and when you do. (: Appreciate. We're all still learning as a couple, and living together, just made it all difficult for the starters but stronger as we walk that path of eternity. (:

There's a lot more of weird habits and stuff to expect. So stay tuned and leave me a comment on what you'd like to know about us weird couple. (:

Just a minute,

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