Claypot Chicken Rice @ Geylang

Hello lovelies!! You know there are just days when all you want is good hot pot of rice with fragrant "LAP CHEONG"(woohoo) and chicken bits in it? Yes you're right, calling out for a damn awesome wholesome Claypot Chicken Rice! [Lap Cheong is a Chinese Sausage kinda like a smoked dried sausage] unlike those huge juicy German Bratwurst which I LOVE LOVE so much too. So I had been having this craving for claypot chicken rice and finally got myself down to Geylang Lor 35 Blk 639 Geylang Road. I remember the last I visited was with my parents when I was pretty little, ever since I was not allowed to go Geylang on my own (Red Light District Area) or even with friends. It's either under Parental Guidance or A husband Guidance. So obviously, I made a trip down with Tim since he never had Geylang Chicken Rice BEFORE! #IMPOSSIBRUUUUU. Plus point, they have been around for more than 2 decades, and to still be so popular with the crowd, they must be doing something really right, so right that us hungry souls come craving for more!

So this is the signature of Claypot Chicken Rice, a silver tin of sinful oil, and dark soy sauce. The dark soy sauce was in another type of bottle which we couldn't find till the lady came down with one. (: YUMS. So the thing is, if you'd already know that you want to order the clay pot rice, give them a call about 30minutes before stating your order, and by the time you reach and settle down, food is already ready for you. Tim and I had things to talk about so we weren't bothered with the time, we waited and the wait was just awesome, cause you get to smell the scent of lap cheong and the good ol'claypot rice smell.

This is it my friends. I just love to throw in as much black sauce and oil as I could possibly see myself widen in size. And just gruesomely stir them all up together, so tasty. I don't know about you, but I actually do like to eat like over cooked rice only from Claypot. 

So this is! Very much loved by Tim who has never tried their clay pot rice before. (: So thumbs up! 4/5

I am a soup person, so whenever possible soup is a must on the dining table. What I love about drinking soup is when everyone gets to use their spoon and dig in together, and just the sight of how happy and satisfied everyone looks with a good bowl of soup is just heartwarming. (: We ordered salted vegetable tofu soup. Which was so worth the money, the portion is huge, it had loads of ingredients in it. (Fish, tomato, baby corn, tofu, vegetables, mushrooms) And for that and possibly the amount we are paying for it is just worth every penny. 

This my friends, YOU HAVE TO ORDER. Don't miss this! It's their specialty Tofu Prawns. I just love the tofu and its flavor! Next time when I revisit, I'll probably just have this and sweet and sour pork with rice for dinner. Gosh. The flavors just brings you back to the oldies, I don't know but something about this dish, the flavor that brings back good memories. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO ORDER! 

So the total cost for all the above, including two cups of homemade barley was SGD31.80worth the money spent right? Tim and I are now determined to hunt down for cheap food in Singapore, because we have to save up for our upcoming house and we just bought a car together. Gosh. 

Address: 639, Geylang Road, Lorong 33 Singapore 389570 
                                   Telephone: 6744 4574 / 6744 3619 

                                  11.30am to 3.30pm (Lunch, 午餐)
                                  5pm to 12am (Dinner, 晚餐)


So I do hope to bring you more heartland food and deals!! (: Stay tuned!

Just a minute,

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