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Wedding Photo shoots are probably the best moments in one's life. It certainly is for mine. But what goes onto my face and hair is a whole new story and a whole new war to begin with. My skin being sensitive, bursted out with angry red pimps which bothered me a lot on my return trip to Singapore. The first thing that struck my list of to-dos was to get a good facial and haircare treatment. I did a little research before heading to Shanghai on facial boutiques and came across one that was really convenient and proved to be quite awesome. 

It was none other than SPA by FACE BISTRO.
They have been around Holland Village for about 6-7years, and I really did like the various number of facial treatments they had to offer. It is located just across 2a.m. dessert bar, and really near Dr. G. Lee Clinic. So you probably wouldn't miss it.

 The shop itself is of a pretty nice sized, almost similar to Only Aesthetics. Quite the Zen feel. (:

 So this is it!! My skin was of extreme dehydration and my pores were really clogged up. 

Before facial, I was asked to change into a bathrobe feeling really relaxed from the lighting and music. I was recommended to do their signature facial known as Aquafit Moisture Facial at $168/90mins. 

My beautician soon came and got me all prep up for my treatment, I fell asleep soon enough and really enjoyed the facial massage she did. In this package they do extraction for pimples and blackheads! It felt so professionally done, cause the pain I had was quite minimal, and I was able to doze off while she extracted my blackheads. Every bit and every moment was just so relaxing. Really did love the advices given my beautician and I will try my best to adhere to them!

This was the last part of my facial!! Felt so good cause already I could feel my skin a lot more hydrated from the facial treatment! (: I wanna go back for more!! I think it's a really good place for girlfriends to just hang out and get a massage or facial, or even get your nails done together! 

After facial, I headed down to Shunji Matsuo to get my free Hair treatment!! It's free cause of all the stamps that I have loyally collected. #yes. I felt like a princess all over again, having my hair and skin pampered max. The result of the hair treatment was just too good, Tim was really surprised of how 'tamed' my hair looked.

Won't you just look at how awesome the flow of my hair is! :) 

All in all, I truly encourage and strongly emphasize on the need to do facial and hair care post wedding photoshoot or any other photoshoot that requires intensive use of makeup and hair products!! Remember the first thing you should do when you wake up is to drink a glass of water!! It'll be good for your system! 

Face Bistro
Address: 27A Lorong Liput Holland Village Level 2
Tel: 6462 4988
Mon-Sat: 11am-8pm
Sunday: 11am-5pm

Icon by Shunji Matsuo 
Address: 245A Holland Avenue
Next to Wendy's! 
Tel: 67626088

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