Greatest thanks to Multifolds Photography

Tim and I have been really connected to Mulitfolds Photography ever since they took our first couple photography just last year. It was worth every penny spent to capture memories they have created for us. I believe in photographs, to be used as visual memories. Looking back and remembering those time spent, and yes just feeling good about us as a couple, how much we have grown.

Now in Shanghai, I am super pleased and stoked to just let you know how amazed I am by Melvin's skills and enthusiasm. Like he's so motivated with his work, and the passion you feel from him, is just perfect. Perfect for any couple's wedding shoot, family shoot, best friend or a newborn's. I am more than just thankful to Melvin, and am super excited to have all the pictures in my hands and publish them into my album. (: Well I do hope from this shoot, that you guys may have a different perspective of having your photoshoot done in Shanghai too and with Melvin! (:

With love, 
from Shanghai. Taken by Melvin Lau by Multifolds Photography. 
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Just a minute,
Adora Yeo

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