Hello from Shanghai!!

Hello all!! ((: I am pretty surprise that you guys are still coming back to my blog when I honestly have no time to provide you with 'juicy' photos from my wedding shoot yet, but I promise and hope it will be soon, as Melvin Lau now runs Multifolds Photography. But I believe in his skills and passion, so I hope to bring you awesome really awesome pictures from Shanghai!

We arrived from Singapore yesterday and was equally worn out, i was dumb enough to think I was able to handle the walking in heels. #fml seriously. Now 

Food is pretty good here in Shanghai, I HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH SMELLY TOFU!!! GOSHH!! I never thought for a second after tasting Taipei's Braised smelly tofu, which really did leave a HUGE AND UGLY SCAR, that I will say that I TRULY LOVE SHANGHAI'S SMELLY TOFU. IT IS SO GOOD!! Man, I am craving for one as I speak. #fattysin

We visited The Bund, and a few other places yesterday. But today, showed me a lot of the beauty in Shanghai. And how awesome Shanghainese are, really friendly and easy-going. And yes they may be a little LOUD, or yes they are LOUD. But I guess it's just their culture, and I really do have a different perspective of Shanghai now. There are a lot A LOT of Caucasians and Japanese who do visit Shanghai, mainly for business purposes, and probably holiday too. Almost like another developing Singapore, just BIGGER and the weather is a lot A LOT cooler on days like these. 

I'll throw you some pictures, and they are mostly not edited, as I am just way too tired to work my fingers after a long day of elevated height on stilts. :/ UGHS.

Okay, this internet speed is pretty sllloooooowwww. So I will show you the pictures when I am back from Shanghai!!

"model 101" #insidejoke

Just a minute,

*latest update*
Managed to load one photo taken by Melvin Lau by Multifolds Photography! Hurry on to Facebook to be updated with the latest pictures!! 

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