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Making Goals.
I believe in making goals because it is like the fuel to my car. It keeps me going on in life, keeping it at full tank just ensures that I am on the right track in life. There are many many things I wish I can do in this life, but for now let's just focus on the main goals. My goals. The things I have achieved so far and hope to achieve in the future, nothing about bragging or making myself look cool or sort. But I just hope to inspire you to do good and make a change in people's lives. 

One of my goals was to own an apartment at the age of 21, which with my coincidental soulmate, we kind of got hold of an apartment before the property price shot sky high, well we're talking HDB. Not private property. But we're looking into investing in condominiums now, taking it slow but that's just one of our plans. Many of my peers at my age, are probably out partying, studying, looking for a love one etc. I would love to do what they do, party, go out have a beer or more get myself drunk, hmmm.. not really. But just purely have fun and be merry at the age of 22. I never pictured myself as the 'clubbing' girl, and no offense to clobbers out there, I understand how clubbing can be really fun and the music is just blasting-ly awesome. I guess it's just not my thing, not my kind of music. I belong to the 80s or even way beyond the 80s. And you know the backstreet boys west life days, with a little new artist along the way like Lady Antebellum, Jason Mraz, Boyce Avenue, Kina Grannis, Birdie... you get my genre of music. I guess being unable to club due to self-induced curfews, I kind of have more time to myself and reading up on what the world has to offer. Which is why Tim and I out of the blue, decided impulsively on the application of our new home, which we have never once regretted making this impulsive act. I know it is really unusual these days to get married at such a young age, or to settle down so quick, but for me, it's more of a blessing. To have found someone who loves me more than anything else in the world, he who sacrifices for me, and is willing to listen and work with me to a better future. I think that's just one thing we should never miss in life, and no matter how awful the beginning of the journey is, you should never give up. We didn't, and we're really happy with where we are now, sure you may say we're still young to conclude that we will have a happy marriage, but at least the believe in having one should always be the reason of a joyful marriage and building a warm and happy family. It should be that simple, it will be hard to keep it simple, but if we strive to make it work. No marriage should end up in a divorce if, you do not cheat, be frank and communicate. I don't know how I got to so much about believing in marriage, but this is my 2 cents worth. 

My main goal in life, is to make change in people's life. Which is why being a nurse was like my top choice in Secondary school. I knew I wanted nursing, and just purely nursing. Am I happy with where I am now? YES. Do I wish it can be better? YES. Can I make my job better with better attitude and all? YES. It works with almost all careers, say an insurance agent, if you do not have the ability to gain trust and go the extra mile from your consumer, you'll always be THAT insurance agent, you wouldn't be remembered by your consumers by your name, you'll always be known as "that insurance agent". My next goal is to just climb the career ladder like all others would, and make change and touch lives of as many as I can possibly do. My friend Carla, recently posted a blog post on her volunteer job with Real Life Feeding Org. in Manila, I really do hope Singapore could reach more to children and elderly who needs to cared for, and have like more befriender organizations to ensure the old and young who are less fortunate been cared for. 

My wish for last year's Christmas was to reach out to more elderly and fulfill their wishes to the best of my ability, like what I did for the elder lady last year. Her wish was to visit Sentosa, and just accompanying her, making sure she well taken care of for that day. It really did bring a spark, and made me wonder if in 2012, am I able to gather a bigger crowd of people to do more good. And be almost like the "make a wish"foundation possible, and create awareness of our aging population. That the people who built Singapore, needs the young to care for. The thought of it is really awesome, but just thinking about how I should get about going, just assures my bold heart that I do need to participate more in volunteer organizations, because I cannot plan this without knowing how to run a show. I need to learn how to be director. 

So, here's a little part of me, a deeper part of me, I thought it would be okay to share with the world. And I am really glad, that I have you my readers, who come back to me from all over the world, America, Myanmar, Australia, UK, Indonesia, Burma, Taiwan(I'll be seeing you at he end of this year),  Thailand, and not forgetting my Singaporean readers. I know I am no popular blogger, but just having the amount of readers every month like 9-10k of you coming back to me, I am just way happy for your love. So thank you, and do come back for more (:

A Multifolds Photography by Melvin Lau

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