Jason Mraz Concert : Stand Up.

Knowing more about how you should prep for a stand up concert!

  1. DRESS UP comfortably! Like seriously, dress your best like how Chriselle Lim would dress up for Rockafella. Come dressed up with a tinge of green, to 'celebrate' the opening of Gardens by the Bay. 
  2. Have enough money to purchase whatever goodies you might want to get at the stall. The nearest ATM machine is Marina Bay Sands, and I am sure you do not want to walk all the way back just because you don't have enough cash on you. SO be prepared to have money.
  3. Have a bottle of water in that little bag of yours. You'll be singing the entire night, so bring a bottle of water!
  4. Come early! Be early as it is a stand up, expect an early queue, the entrance gate will open at 5pm. So be prepared! 
  5. REMEMBER JASON MRAZ LYRICS!! It's gonna be a night of sing-along goodness so you don't want to be awkward standing there unsure of the lyrics, but if you really can't that's fine! Enjoy the company around.
  6. MAKE FRIENDSSSS!! What's not to love about socializing with people who love your thang. Well in this case it's Jason Mraz. So, hang around and make friends who knows it may just spark off a new friendship (:
  7. Do not be KIASU. Like seriously, don't bring all your kiasu stuff like Chairs, Stools, ladder etc. It is not allowed, and most of us are probably teens to young adult. So don't be funny, your legs are probably as strong as mine. So no no no, no Kiasu-ism prease. 
  8. Take the public transport, not too sure if i'll be adhering to this, but I guess it'll be better than having to pay like 26bucks for carpark fee. Oh wells. We'll see! But do take the Public Transport if possible. Take like the circle line to Bayfront Station take the exit B and walk across the dragonfly bridge to Gardens by the Bay.
Just so you know all tickets have been sold out, there won't be any station tickets sold on the day itself. 

CAN'T WAIT FOR THE 29th of JUNE! (: I hope you're looking forward to Jason Mraz conert!

One of my favorite songs sung by Jason Mraz. (:

Just a minute,

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