Mobile blogging on my last day in Shanghai. :(

The reason why I emphasized mobile blogging is because I cannot rearrange the pictures on my phone so it's gonna be one hell of a messy deal.

This trip made me feel like I'm totally watched over by my god and my heavenly grandparents, I'm a Buddhist if you're wondering what my religion is. During this trip we met too many kind people who agreed to help us with our photoshoot, well we were kind of bold to ask. We asked to borrow dogs, caucasians to blend in, old couple to take photo with us, asking elderly to grant us usage of their house, and umbrellas which were eventually given to us. But the one thing that really hit my emotional bone was the shoot yesterday when I had to use the toilet in my wedding gown, and Tim wasn't allowed to help me with it at all. Gosh. This lady around my mother's age, came up asking if I needed some help with my gown and told Tim not to worry cause she will be able to help me. #cries. I never thought Chinese citizens were that friendly, she really did make a difference in my life and that felt really awesome. I finally understand how my patients will feel if if we go an extra mile for them.

The photos were amazing and I can't wait for them to be out! Hurry on to like Multifolds Photography on Facebook, and who knows Melvin may just be your photographer for you wedding shoot.

Random pictures from shanghai, I'll blog proper post once I'm back in Singapore!! (: loves! Gotta get back to packing.


  1. I like the pic you took in the van with Tim. You looked so glowing & really great!

    Sorry to hear about your skin problem, hope it wasn't because of me. :P I made sure everything I used was clean & hygenic. But I guess wearing make up from dawn till night was a bit taxing for sensitive skin. Hope your skin will get well soon.

    Really great working with you, you guys are so nice & easy going. I hope you are happy with the pre-wedding pics & wish you two a lifetime of happiness. :)



  2. Hey Oscar!! (:
    Yes I couldn't agree more that I look so fresh for the picture taken in the van.

    Don't worry about the skin condition, it's definitely because of the long-hours of having makeup on my skin is generally sensitive and it already did have like a couple of breakouts! You really did a great job honestly!!

    Thank you so much Oscar, hope Melvin gets to work with you in the future again!

    Greatest gratitude,
    Adora (: