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I'm finally updating my travel post to Shanghai. Let's just say Shanghai really did change my mind on the country and its people as a whole. This was my first trip to Shanghai and China, honestly, I had no plans to travel China till I'm in my 40s or 50s with a group of other elderly. You know those groupie tour with cute old grannies and poppies. Okay I think you get my point.

So traveling to Shanghai via Singapore Airlines is another reason why we love Singapore, OH! we were almost late for our flight, like we had only 5-10mins to get to the boarding plane. I would never do that again, like to shop before our flight. We boarded our flight, thank goodness, settled down into our seats, and I slipped on my minnie mouse socks and got myself more sleep on the plane. My trip over I bought the Chanel Travel Palette which is so amazing, the colors from the palette especially the lipstick colors. Love it. Doesn't plane food always taste so heart warming and fuzzy?

Day 1 in Shanghai

We finally breathed the air of Shanghai, and well greeted by the voices of its people. We waited on for Melvin and Kewei who kindly said they'll arrange to meet us at the airport. One thing you should do if you're a Facebook/social media addict, you need to get their prepaid card from the airport, and download VPN on your iPhone and get a registered account before your trip. Do that and you'll not feel like an empty soul.

We took the Maglev Train, the fastest most dangerous road kill train on earth. It's even faster than Japan's Bullet Train can you believe it!? The maximum speed was 430km/hr and it is mad fast. It took us only 7mins to get from Pudong Airport to Long Yang and switched to the normal MRT and headed to our hotel at Grand Mecure Hongqiao.

After much settling down at our hotel, we prepared for our first meal in Shanghai. It was none other than the very famous Nanjing Xian Xia Xiao Long Bao! I had my very first 'Tang Bao' which means Soup Bun. It was really really good, we ordered one each which cost about SGD7 per person. They had four type of soup base, all of us ordered the crab roe tang bao. I also had my very first smelly tofu which was CRAZY good. Should have ordered more, but we were very lucky to be one of their last customers. I fell in love with Smelly tofu ever since I had theirs. Top of that we ordered two different types of 'xiao long bao', one was the traditional meat dumpling and the other was the japanese mushroom dumpling which tasted really awesome. I love how much of filling they give and every bite into it was just bursting flavors of their seasoning. [How you should eat a dumpling: bite a small bit of the 'skin' and suck out all the soup in it before savoring every bite of the meaty dumplings] Last but not least we had their Spring Roll, which turned out with a twist, it had like tofu bits in it but again the flavors were really different. I really did enjoy Nanjing Xiao Long Bao, and if you do visit Shanghai, do not give this a miss.

After having some awesome smelly tofu, I was craving for more!! like really, we literally went out for more. We saw a lot of people chewing on huge crabs and found the store by asking a couple who were feasting happily. So this store locates just opposite Nanjing Xiao Long Bao, in front of a local shopping centre. Got our hands on the crabs and more smelly tofu to share. On a side and grossly note, they were selling sparrows which was really disturbing to me. They are such cute little birds, why would anyone eat them. ): So the crab was a little hard to chew and it wasn't that fantastic, I found the chicken that Kewei and Melvin ordered tasted way better. Smelly tofu was awesome as usual.

So as the night was still young, we walked all the way from where we were to the very famous BUND. It was beautiful, so beautiful. A mix culture of western and chinese, and the feeling of just being there was just amazing. The air was cold and smelled surprisingly clean. Love the crowd and realized that Shanghai is really well lighted up! As we walked passed the bund to the very famous bridge in Shanghai, we saw loads and loads of couples, like at least 5 couples who were doing their photoshoot along the bridge. Quite the sight though. Cause we don't get that in Singapore. By then my legs were pretty much bashed up and we took the taxi back to our hotel.

Our hotel was so amazing. I took a video of our hotel and I really love the room service of Grand Mecure. The room was bigger than we expected it to be, it was clean and the lady who cleared our room did an amazing job cause we were really messy.

Day 2 Shanghai

We had our casual photo shoot done at a couple of places which I have little memory of, except Thames town, cause it was really very different from the city life in Shanghai. Feels almost like a deserted town that is left for couples to do their photoshoot. We had lunch at Crystal Jade Shanghai and  i don't know if it is the portion, but their's came in a pretty big bowl! Gosh. Felt like a king for once. We ended off our little tour at Thames Town and headed back to our hotel to rest, we had room service! Ordered their Pizza, Lamb Curry and Japanese Chicken. Well I really did love their Pizza, it came in three different flavored cheese and was pretty awesome. But I didn't fancy the lamb curry nor the Japanese Chicken, felt it wasn't worth the price paid. But you have to pay for being lazy don't you? I suppose so. We had an early night for our Rest & Recreation on Sunday.

P.S.: Will continue Day 3,4,5 in the next post! (: 

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