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Day 3 Shanghai
That's our Hotel! Grand Mecure Hongqiao Shanghai!! We love it there, would definitely book this hotel if we do visit Shanghai again!! (:

They extremely cheap 3sticks for 8RMB snack from Family Mart which we love deeply!

My fatty and his One Piece Onigiri. (:

We walked a long way to this fruit stall, and saw HUGE really HUGE Durians from Thailand. (: 

More fruits!! We bought lychees, loads of mangoes from Tainan, and China's plum fruit! (:

Little one playing with cherries! Love how vibrant the colors of the cherries look. 

Love your mum <3 

Tim insist we visit Family Mart for they 'yi chuan chuan' it is pretty much like hand picked food on a stick? Like fish ball, mushroom, chicken balls, or whatever they had to offer. Tim was really happy to see a Onigiri. He loves onigiri. So Mr Tim decided we should walk to our next destination, smart move cause I found some lovely fruits. But a really silly one cause the distance to where we were heading to was just TOO FAR. So we took the cab and headed to a random shopping mall. Thing about China is, 5 days is never enough, you'll need at least 2 weeks to cover just a small part of it.

The amazing Orange juice dispenser, if Singapore had this. I'll be their number one loyal customer!

RUM A DUM DUM CAKE. It was wickedly strong! Too strong for my liking but if you're a alcohol junkie, i'm sure it'll be in your favor! (:

I FOUND YOU KRISPY KREME!! Also, if I had the money, I'll make Krispy Kreme like a second Starbucks in Singapore! <3 $$$$$$


So we visited two malls, and for each we found really interesting stuff and things that we miss so much.  The first mall which was pretty insignificant to us we found like this machine that dispense fresh orange juice on its own!! How smart. And it tasted really good too. And at Nanjing Xi Lu, where I was desperately searching for Krispy Kreme, which I found! I obviously bought them to eat, but realized soon enough that I'm getting older, cause the doughnut tasted too sweet for my liking. But I still loved the glazed over, so it's still awesome. Just that I guess I lost my sweet tooth.

Outfit at night! (: 

With my hubs. (:

Shanghai streets. (: Buzzing with traffic. 


I love this street side smelly tofu, the sauce and chill was just epic combination!

This, was apparently called 'you deng' True to it being OILY. It tasted really good, but was SUPER DUPER OILY. 

MY oysters!! I heard how awesome grilled oysters were in Shanghai so I had to have my hands on them. 

While waiting, these are the list of things they were selling, which I can't comprehend. The only thing I  know is they are really cheap!

Here's my wiped out oyster!! 

Stopped by a random restaurant for dinner, and saw this really cute ah ma with a bottle of beer. Not sure if that's her son, but this sight is truly heart warming. (:

ZHA JIANG MIAN in the house, Tim and I shared this bowl, cause the portion is just too much for me to handle. 

BAI ZHAN JI (Steamed white chicken)

That very night, we met Melvin and Kewei who were better tour guides than ourselves. They brought us to this street for some pretty good smelly tofu and a random stall for their Bai Zhan Ji and noodles. It was pretty awesome really. Had an oyster which was pretty tasty, a little too salty for my liking but loved that they had vermicelli over it. Made my 2 bucks worthy!

Tim's favorite store. Mac an Apple. (:

Walked down the street of Nanjing Lu. Quite the sight of the elderly population in China.

WE FOUND RAFFLES CITY in SHANGHAI! And witnessed some Le Wild Aunties! You have to watch that video! You just have to!! These were all happening at Nanjing Xi Lu. Gosh. I love how they spend their golden age with friends, and music. 

Day 4


Day 5 

Tim and I were exhausted from the full day shoot, and ordered Room Service again, I finally ordered my lagsana and Tim ordered Risotto. Kind of heavy for late breakfast but I guess that's fine! The risotto was cooked perfectly the rice was very al dente.  We just wanted to head back home, after check out. So we headed down to the airport right after our check out. (:
Plane food! We specially ordered for Seafood Meal, and thank goodness we did cause it was lovely and I needed something really light. 

AND WE'RE BACK IN SINGAPORE! ): Can't wait for my next trip to Shanghai!
Looking forward to my trip in Taipei end of this year!! (: 

That's all for Shanghai! (:

Just a minute,

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