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If you follow me on instagram, you would have known this post will be up by tonight, right after my awesome filling dinner. YUMMEH. Mum decided to take us out for dinner, and I was all set for Peranakan food at Upper Serangoon, but to my disappointment it has closed down. :O I should quit being a lazy nyona and start getting my lazy butt in the kitchen. However so, there's always a stretch of restaurants and small bistros we could choose from. So we decided to try 8degrees Taiwanese bistro, well since we loveeeeee taiwanese food so much. 

Stepping into the bistro we were welcomed by Jay Chou's music, and it certainly made me miss hearing his songs. The entire environment was just really cosy and we were just looking forward to dinner. 

So this is the MENU, NO GST and SERVICE CHARGE!!! NONE. HOW AWESOME, which means we can spend the GST AND SERVICE CHARGE MONEY on like MORE FOOD!! 

 As we looked through the menu, all of us just went, no way the food is just too cheap to be true, like the price ranged from 3.80 to 13.80! And if I am not wrong, 13.80 is the most expensive!! WHATTTTTTT... CHEAP. PLAIN CHEAP. We ordered quite a fair bit of food. Like really.

 The dessert and drink section!! They've got really awesome beers from Taiwan, like fruit flavored ones which are really good. I had the mango flavor!! So tasty!! I could go for many many rounds of mango beer! (:

 We ordered the 8degrees lu you fan (Stewed Pork Belly Rice), well honest opinion, the taste did not par with Jiu Fen's Lu Rou Fan, BUT!!! It was still tasty and considering it cost us only ONLY SGD3.80 I think it is totally worth the price. My mum enjoyed it very much, and this dish really made us miss Taipei a lot! 

 Then came MILK TEA. I love it! I thought it was really well balanced with the tea and milk, and the pearls were those small and soft type, which was easy on the stomach. The cup size was relatively large, and was certainly worth the price of SGD3.80. Told you it is cheap there! (:

THIS IS MY FAVORITE!! TAIWAN MANGO BEER!! Super lovely I have to say, For SGD6.80 I would totally get another if I had not put on 1.5kg from my Shanghai trip. They've got a special offer too though! 4cans for SGD25. SUPER WORTH THE MONEY.

 I ordered .... braised beef noodles. Okay, I sinned. But can I just sin this once to remind myself of the beef noodles in Taipei. The soup base wasn't as strong as the ones I had in Taipei, but after I added a little of their chill sauce in it. The flavor just totally exploded, super BOOMZ. For SGD9.80, with that amount of noodles I couldn't possibly finish on my own, I have to agree it was super worth the price.

 8 degrees fried oyster omelette is different from Singapore's but a lot more healthier than the ones you get at the local hawker centre, it was filled with vegetables in it with a good amount of oysters!! The flavor, was okay I wish they had added more of the sauce above, I believe if you asked for more they would give, but we didn't cause we had too much to share on the table. YUMS. SGD7.80  

 We ordered their oyster mee sua! The mee sua texture was really fine, different from the ones we had at Taipei, the portion is filling for one and for the price of SGD5.80. I would have tried the other mee sua for SGD4.80 because that seemed similar to Ah Chung Mee Sua cause it had like pork stomach in it, as shown in the picture. We added like chill and vinegar to give it a little more flavor to our liking. 

 We LOVE this so much! 8 degrees salted crispy chicken chunks SGD6.80 it was my mum's favorite!! The chicken was fried to really crispy and it wasn't too salty, it was really just nice, like at that level where you can finish this on your own without sharing. 

 My mum's a rice person, we ordered this sakura shrimp fried rice, it taste like "dan chao fan" just better because this had pork floss and those tiny shrimps which was crunchy. They used like river prawns which didn't over power the flavors and I think we had about 4? 4 prawns in it. So this is good for you boys out there who wants the best of both worlds, seafood, pork floss and egg rice! At only SGD11.80

 Tim ordered 8degrees Sakura Shrimp and Prawn Tomato pasta, by then we were quite full, and when we saw this, we were like okay, we cannot be full, we have to finish this lovely pasta. If you like tomato based, RICH tomato base, I am sure you can finish this alone. But if you're like us, I suggest you share this with your partner or family and order the rest to feast on other Taiwanese delights like their Scallion Pancakes. I would try that the next time! This rich tasting pasta cost SGD13.80

Just as we thought we were done we CARBS. We totally forgot my brother had ordered another pasta! This is their 8degrees stewed pork belly pasta, SGD8.80. Was it awesome?! HELL YEAH. It was so good I had to dig in a couple more spoonful. It was yummy-licious! This baby I can finish it on my own, the only thing is you would probably feel guilty after finishing it on your own, it's pork belly after all. SO yes. Let me deal with the fats at gym tomorrow! (:

Here's the Cozy setting at 8degrees Taiwanese bistro! We've got our picture up on that wall! If you manage to find our picture, snap a picture of it and mail it to me! I'll have a little surprise mailed back to you! (: 

 The lady who took the picture for us, was really kind to give us a picture to keep! And is now in my mother's walllllleeetttt. (: 

8degrees Taiwanese Bistro in Singapore
Address: 37 Teck Chye Terrace Singapore 545734
Phone: (65) 6284 8226

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  2. Hey Andy,

    We will certainly visit again with my dad! (;
    It was pleasant to dine at at your bistro and I am looking forward to more Taiwan delights and beers at your place!

    Adora Yeo.