Taipei Taiwan Part 2 Cont'd (Feat. Makiyo's Restaurant)

Greatest Apologies for the late update, have been really busy with my wedding shoot preparation! But it has come to a beautiful and awesome wrap! Follow me on my blog, and I will continue to post more pictures! 

I ended off my previous post from Dazzling Cafe, for our late 'high tea'. By then after having tea and coffee, my parents were all quite beaten up we decided to head back to the hotel to rest and prep up for dinner. Dinner plans was to visit the famous Makiyo restaurant known as Ninja. We were really looking forward to dinner cause this was the main place of 'attraction' for us. If you travel with my family, it's gonna be ALL about FOOD. Nothing else but FOOD. 

So we took the train down to Songshan station, and asked our way through to get ourselves to the address. I love their Metro system, I just don't get why Singapore's MRT system can't be as good. Seriously. So when we reached, we realized we were too early. So we decided to walk around and settle at some random bar, really random cause I don't even remember the name. They have a whole stretch of Japanese stores and hot pot store, but if you walk all the way down, there'll be a bar that looks kind of like a chillax beer hangout place. 

We stopped by, and ordered some meat sticks. IT WAS SO GOOD. We ordered more. And it was really cheap, like maybe 2bucks for 4 sticks? Approximately. But it was extremely well seasoned, and the meat was really tender. 

The meat chunks were pretty nice sized, much better than our tiny satay. Worth every single penny, we had to keep reminding ourselves not to overeat and save our stomach for Ninja Restaurant.

In Taipei, you just got to make use of all the time to dress up and look good. Cause Taiwanese are really quite fashionable and you will never get weird stares. Taipei is just too amazing.

Finally done with our 'starters' we headed back down to Ninja Restaurant known as (Ren Ze) and you'll never miss it if you try walking down from the MRT, takes about 10-15mins walk. Includes browsing of random clothing stores. 

So this is how it looks like from the outside. HOW TO MISS IT? :D

With a Tai Mei, which means Taiwanese pretty lady. She was so friendly and gave out sweets cause we had to wait for our seats. :)

We ordered 4 set meals with a couple of ala-carte, per person it was about TWD800++ which my dad felt was quite okay, and they suggested for us to share 4 sets. Thank goodness we listened.

First up: Sashimi! 

The thing about dining here, is you'll get the full package for your five senses. If that makes sense to you. We were served Tuna, Salmon and one more! But the portion was huge, and the sashimi slices were pretty thick!! Seriously worth the money.

Japanese sushi was up next, rolled in egg with a edible film this sushi roll definitely has a taste to its own, but wasn't really memorable I felt. 

This is my favorite!! I had to share with Tim cause we only bought 4 share, but it was SUPER JELLYFISHLY GOOD! Really fresh and was sending epic signals to my tastebuds. This is their cold dish, and it is not to miss. Even though it is just jellyfish.

We were served salad too, which was not neglected of its taste. 

This was our ala-carte, we ordered sea urchin!! SUPER DUPER LIKE CAN DIE FRESH!! There's no 'seafood' smell. And it was really smooth and sweet. All of us had foodgasm. Won't you just look at the amount of Uni we were given!? Mindblown. 

Here's a close up. Don't hate me.

We had grilled sea bass which was in the menu, wrapped in banana leaf I suppose. This was quite the okay dish, which I don't have much memory of.

We ordered an ala-carte Soft Shell Crab, we were disappointed cause initially I wanted to treat my dad to Alaskan Crab but they ran out of Alaskan Crabs. Sadness. But this was pretty good as well, like the size was just huge as compared to the small ones we get in Singapore. So my dad ate #likaboss. 

This is their Agedashi Tofu or Fried Tofu. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. It was extremely crispy really different from what we get here in Singapore. I really like those octopus flakes over it!!

By then we were all BLOATED UP. BUT BOSS decided to appear, this is by far the biggest share of soup our family has been served. And just look at the ingredients!! It's spilling out of the pot! Gosh. My mum was so full from the food, she fell asleep while seated up, #likaladyboss. 

Honestly if you ask me what this is. I can't tell you. But this is one of the dishes served. This menu is too crazy. 

Nor can I remember what this is called. Even Tim can't remember, SO SORRY!! "How about we try it again?"Tim's reply. GOSH. Greatest apologies.

This I call it THE THREE MUSKETEERS, because the flavor was so strong. It was served last, and was kind awesome cause it really did end up the meal quite well. 

So in Ninja restaurant, the female ninjas will come up to you and play a little game, and ask you to pick up a scroll from their wooden bucket and you'll get to win something out of it. And we won ourselves the biggest prize, which is this ten shooters! 5 alcoholic, 5 non-alcoholic. The alcohol ones were like super good my goodness! We were all dead flat after these shots.

Verdict: I think it is worth every penny for the experience as you'll never get such 'creative' restaurant type of concept in Singapore. Plus they serve really good food! Don't forget to order Uni when you're here! It's a must.


Address: 129 Civic Blvd. Section 4, SongShan District Taipei
Phone: 02 2577 3300
Working Hours: Lunch 11:30AM-2:00PM | Dinner 6PM-12AM (1AM on Fri/Sat)

P.S.: You're welcome Sliver for the recommendation to Dazzling Cafe, Taipei truly has loads of good food! Hope you had a great time in Taipei!

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  1. Hi there! I've link a website to their page at the very end of my post.
    They do have a facebook page at忍者主題餐廳/117782594948237

    Enjoy your trip to Taiwan!!

  2. thanks a lot for your reply. do they accept facebook reservations ?