Aspirin Mask


So I have been wanting to share this mask recipe with you, a colleague of mine Siyan the guru to beautiful skin shared this recipe with me. I can only be thankful she shared this with me, so after she did I went searching it up on google and youtube to see if it is safe to use. Apparently it is safe, and Aspirin has quite a fair bit of benefit to the skin! The only thing you have to do, like compulsory, is to get those SPF working for your skin. I mean we should be using SPF lotion anyway on normal days if you're really all out for fair skin, and to prevent skin cancer stuff. I just started using SPF and it really isn't that difficult to follow through. So if you want to use this MASK, PROMISE me you have to get yourself a bottle of SPF and leave it in your bag so you can use it as and when. I'm using the Laroche Posay SPF Xtreme fluid SPF 50+, so it's been pretty good on my skin!!

Okay so let's get on with business.
1) Use 3 tablets of Aspirin, I started with smaller dose like 2 tablets just so if there's a reaction I don't get the full blast effect. Dap like water from your fingers and wet the tablet a little. I that for about 2 times and the tablet just melted instantly.

2) Press it down and make it into powdered form

This is how is should look like!

3)You can use either honey or aloe vera gel. I used what I had in my fridge, and used royal honey. If you're using honey, I suggest you let it set in the fridge for about 5 minutes so it forms up well for application! 

4) Squeeze or use a nice amount, a teaspoon would do. And mix it in to the powdered aspirin!

Keep Mixing!!

5) End product! Apply it to your skin, avoid AVOID your eye area. 

Have it on your face for about 10-15minutes. Before you wash off, exfoliate by going in circular motion as Aspirin does the job for exfoliation too! Rinse off and dap dry your face. Lastly apply your facial care lotions and have a good rest! 


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  1. Wow! Looks easy and it's considered natural? Haha Thnks fr sharing!

  2. It can be considered natural since we're using honey! ((: just topping up a little with aspirin! ((: You're welcome!! Let me know if it works for you <3 xx