Bits and Pieces altogether

Life last week was MAD. 

Caught up with Amy after her trip to UK, Amy is a super duper wonderful the most amazing person on earth ever. Her birthday had past and we didn't manage to meet until last week. My initial plan was to take her to this Thai Steamboat along boat quay, as she's never tried one before. But! It was sadly closed and opens only at 630pm. We couldn't wait. We were really hungry. Like really hungry. 

We walked by shophouses and found ourselves a korean place to settle for. It's called SeoulRia. Pretty much like any korean family restaurant. 
Bimbibap. Because we thought we were extremely hungry we decided to order some carbs and make peace with our stomach. The bimbibap was pretty good, I've had better ones. Like from my favorite place called Woorinara @ Chun Ting road. It really did lose out. SGD12

Doppokki, Amy wanted to try this and we kind of perceive the portion to be Singaporean Size, which means "you pay for what you get"a.k.a SMALL portion. But this, this isn't small! It was blasted with rice cake and fish cakes. I really do like the taste of the sauce though. Although again I feel woorinara serves a flavor that suits my palate better because their rice cake has a little more 'kick' to their flavor. But anyway, this was really quite good too! SGD15
Okay, this is their Seafood Pancake! I honestly have never seen this type of seafood pancake at korean restaurants. Those that I see are like rounded, and flat. This was just like huge for us. We knew we were in trouble when we saw this gigantic pancake, we didn't manage to finish though. Packed the rest for Tim. So anyway, if you really do like your pancake with LOADS of greens, this is totally for you. I found it hard to chew, but it's up to your preference I guess. SGD15

Ginseng Chicken! Okay this baby here is what I love best. I love how everything just compliments one another, and I love the rice in the chicken! Amy agreed too that this is probably the best dish we had for the night. So tasty!! Just remember to go slow on the salt!! Add a little by little, we made that silly mistake by dipping our chicken into the salt. And had to drink like many cups of water to down the taste of it. So don't forget to dip it slowly!! SGD20

So after our dinner at boat quay, we decided to walk, so we walked from boat quay all the way to Fullerton I guess? So across it, was this amazing view of Marina Bay Sands. We've never been to that part, and it was truly quite breathtaking, I know right. Breathtaking views in Singapore. So we stayed around this area, hang out. Talked about wedding plans and stuff. ((:

Till the sun went down, and Amy had to head back home. And we walked more. (: Love it. Thank you Amy for always being such a wonderful friend. 

Just last week again, it was our most awaited comedy show Happy Ever Laughter!!! We caught the PREVIEW SHOW! (: It was just simply EPIC! Like seriously. Every single comedian, was just blasting us off our seats. Laughing hysterically at what they said. We sat next to gurmit's mum. So yea. We laughed our hardest when it was his part, kidding, he was just amazingly FUNNY!! YOU HAVE TO CATCH THIS COMEDY SHOW. Super EPIC!

Happy Ever Laughter with Munah&Hirizi :D Happy Birthday Jonathan!!

This was my birthday present!! JASON MRAZ!! GOSH, he sung really well, better live than on CD. And he actually did a really impressive opera style soprano-ish song when we called out for encore! It was shocking, like almost unbelievable it was Jason who sung it. I got the chills. 

This is the perfect sight. (: Corinne May and Jason Mraz. Guess which song they sang? LUCKY!!! Omg, I was praying throughout the performance that he sings that song. And he did. Cries. ): HAH. Love Jason Mraz Max!! Definitely catching his concert again the next time he comes over.

On a side note! Freaking in LOVE with Moza Sticks from TCC. TRY IT. You have to! unless your lactose intolerant, then no. Or maybe you could, if you're willing to savor this baby and visit the loo often after consuming this. (: MY FAV!

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